Wooden Block Plane





Introduction: Wooden Block Plane

Building a bevel-down wood-bodied smooth plane with a Norris-style blade adjustment mechanism

Lee Valley offers a hardware kit so you can build your own smoothing plane. I picked up the kit with a PM-V11 steel blade. I wanted to use contrasting wood to jazz it up a little so I picked maple for the sole and sides and walnut for the middle. This was a very enjoyable project and the instructions are fairly clear. It's up to you to decide size and shape, mine is roughly 10" long. I used Illustrator to make patterns for the shape and my Shapeoko 2 CNC Router to engrave the lever cap.




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Great old world craftsmanship. Looks like it will give many years of service.

If you are planning on hours of plaining remember the back of the plane, where your hand presses, should fit the contours of your hand. [I just spent 4 hours flattening a 2' X 8' X 3" knotty walnut slab] The handle matters! So, don't try to be symmetrical with your plane design unless you are ambidextrous.

Maple is a good choice of American hardwoods for hand planes but tropicals are much harder and will last longer. Osage orange is a very good American hard wood for planes. It grows everywhere but it's hard to find in a lumberyard.