The wooden LED clock looks like a boring wooden box with the exception that the time is glowing through the front of it. Instead of a chunk of gray plastic to look at, you have a nicer piece of wood. It still retains all of its functions, including a wooden snooze button.

Want to make it? It's pretty easy to do. Here's how.

Step 1: Make a Window

The front of the clock is made of a thin piece of balsa. But even at 1/16" it isn't thin enough for the light to go through. So you'll need to sand it down until it's paper thin. Be sure to have the clock nearby and go only as far as you need as it's easy to sand all the way through the balsa.
try wood veneer its thin enough to start.
I would do this,but put some clear plastic in front of the balsa to keep me from sticking my finger through it.
Excellent! I may have to have a go with this. We have some old station clocks hanging around at the hackspace.. Wonder if I could supersize it.<br><br>
Do some people only trust time in triplicate?
<em>I </em> only trust time in Triplicate.
I would like one of those. First one for the time here, second one for the time Megaten uses, and the third one for the time Lucent Heart uses.
You just gave me a totally awesome idea! Thanks!<br>My idea is to find a simple LED clock, make a frame like in yours, but instead of just a snooze button I will(of course...XD) make one for every button on the clock, and when all thats done I will sand the edges of the clock so its more round.<br>I have a LED clock that I could probably modify(its cheap, I got it at a yardsale 4-5 years ago) it to fit inside of a smaller rounder box, but im not sure yet :P Thanks again!
My uncle gave me a legit version of this... But sadly, it does not work in my country due to voltage problems... But cool ible XD... 5 stars :D<br>-R
You can change that - If it is a US clock, and you are in europe, you could create a voltage transformer - not too hard - also, you can probably buy something that would allow you to plug in the plug on the clock into the device, then plug that into the wall.<br><br>it would be trickier if it were the other way around - but still possible
actually that would only work if the clock was dual voltage capable as most clock chips run on 60 hz and european power is delivered at 50 hz which makes 110v/60hz clocks run 10 minutes slow every hour
I see a lot of potential with this technique combined with the construction of bandsaw boxes. You could make a really sculptural piece from a nice chunk of burl that looked great by itself and only showed its numbers at night.
Id end up mashing the snooze button. I think I'd have to reinforce it somehow. Love the see-through balsa idea.
what a pity, i don't even have a clock like this.
Is 1/32&quot; balsa not still available? Haven't looked for years, but if so it would save some sanding at step 1.
I think it was, but I liked the 1/16" because it was stronger overall. You don't sand down the entire area. Also, it didn't take very long, just a few minutes.
i like this... 5 stars... ***** :P
This a great mod! My LED clock has been assigned to the draw as it was considered too bright to have in the bedroom. This could be the cure I've been looking for!
I have the same situation. Great Work!

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