When I was a student, I wrote with a real 'old-fashioned' pen, then later I started to write with roller-balls. Until 3 years ago, someone gave me a really nice Waterman pen. I must admit that nothing beats the writing experience of writing with a pen on smooth paper.
So I decided to quit writing with all the 'junk' and from that day on, I write only with this pen.

The pen came in a box, which was nice, but because it didn't survive all the travel I did. After 2 years, the original box was dirty, and its mechanics started to fall apart.

At that day I decided to make a new, luxurous and long-life box for my favourite pen.

Enjoy this instructible !

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Materials :
  • 3 pieces Walnut wood : 200mm * 32mm * 9mm (8" * 1¼" * 3/8"). This kind of wood is readily available for wooden floors.
  • 1 piece of thin cardboard (I used an empty corn-flakes box)
  • 1 piece of 10 mm soft foam (this can be recycled from packaging)
  • 1 piece of nice, stylish fabric. Size ~ 30cm * 10 cm (12" * 4")
  • 2 thick staples, or 1 thin paper-clip (diameter should be 1 mm)
  • Double side tape. I used Tesa 15mm wide
  • 4 mini magnets. I recycled them from a gift box. My magnets are 4mm * 10 mm * 1mm

Tools :
  • Saw
  • Router
  • Sander
  • Knife
  • Caliper
  • Drill, preferably drill-press

Time needed : half a day
Skills needed : medium. You need precision skills, as this a small object.
<p>Really nice box! I also make pens and need to find/make wooden presentation boxes for them for people who buy them, but for making them I need to do some sort of design that's simple &amp; quick to make, or to make a load easily in one go to make it cost/time effective. Lovely work though, well done!<br><br>I should learn to use my router then I'd have more options!</p>
That's a very slick presentation box. I turn pens and might starting making some nice boxes after seeing how yours turned out.

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