Wooden Toy Snake

My daughter has a small toy snake that looks pretty cool and is very wiggly. I saw the Antiqued Wooden Snake Toys Instructable and thought those toy snakes were pretty neat also. So I just had to try my hand at making my own toy wooden snake. However, I decided to approach the flexible body in a much different way.

My goal was to avoid having a bunch of loose body slices to keep track of; instead to make the body and keep it essentially together during the build. I decided to provide my snake's flexibility by running a cloth strip down the center sections of the body. I did some novel saw work and I think it turned out quite well. And I didn't have to worry about getting body parts out of order. :-)

Step 1: Materials

The snake is made from a wood dowel.


1-1/8 inch diameter dowel, however long you want your snake (mine was 30" long)

2 inch wide bias tape (the type used in sewing) long enough for the flexible part of the snake (mine 24")

Epoxy glue (5 minute set) or wood glue.

Foam sanding block

Wood craft sticks to mix the epoxy

Foam brush to apply epoxy

Scrap cardboard to (you guessed it) mix the epoxy on



A band saw came in really really handy, and I can't image trying to make this toy without one.

Stationary belt sander




<p>very nice idea/toy. definetly gonna make it for my kid. Thanks for sharing</p>
<p>This is fantastic! I remember having a snake like this as a kid too; this looks like a really great method for making it. </p>
Really nice instructable. Going to try to make one for my kitten. He'll go nuts for it. Thanks!
<p>Thanks! </p><p>Let me know how it turns out if you make one and post photos! :)</p>
<p>Awesome, I got one of these in Mexico.</p>
<p>Thank you everyone for the nice comments and votes!</p>
<p>Nice one! Voted!</p>
<p>i painted one at summer camp last year and i put little black beads for the eyes and a peice of red rubber band for a toungue! My brother hates it l</p>
<p>Had one of these as a kid and used to freak out people at my school pretending I was holding a writhing snake... good times... TFP</p>
My brother had one of these in the 1970s! Cool!
<p>I'm happy my antiqued wooden snake toys inspired you to make this project! It looks great and I love how flexible it is. Nice work! :)</p>
<p>Nicely done! Very clever idea.</p>
Awesome! You got my vote
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>This is great. I wonder if it would be easier to start by cutting the dowel in half. Then slicing the halves into disks using a stop block. I guess alignment when gluing back together would be difficult.</p>
<p>My kids had these when they were little too. I never thought about how to make one. I might try this sometime.</p>

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