Woodworking Marking Knife





Introduction: Woodworking Marking Knife

Essential tool for woodwork. The handle is made of Macassar Ebony and shaped by hand. The blade is high speed steel made from a scrap from somewhere. The ferrule was turned from brass.



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    Ok, for those of us not as good as you....can you take it apart and show more details please??? It would really really really help:) The type of Ebony used is not illegal yet for use, but often comes in very SMALL pieces...this handle would cost about $80 here in Canada...so, you may want to use purple heart, red heart, black walnut or another very dense hardwood instead...not so expensive either:) Well, you can at least get larger pieces!LOL

    Great marker, but usually instructables have the instructions.

    It's a really well made marker.

    where did you get the wood. Is it African ebony that is illegal to harvest? If not id love to get my hands on this wood i love the look.

    It was bought from a place called Trend Timbers and it came from a legal source. You shouldn't have any problem getting enough ebony for a project like this.

    An old spade bit could be ground to that shape as could an old file.

    It's so beautiful! How did you make it?

    Beauty!!! The brass ferrule,from a compression nut?

    A very neat job, There are lots of people who wish marking knives as nice as this were generally available to buy - well done. (Now, where's that old 5/8" chisel)

    I've seen them made from old (i.e., dull) spade-style drill bits. Usually very cheap at a flea market.

    Very nice design. Did you paint the handle? It looks green in the pictures.
    Can you give your overall dimensions?