Picture of Worms in Space Board Game
NASA has taken worms to the ISS on their own special capsule. There was an accident aboard the station and the worm astronauts have to navigate to the escape capsule to return to Earth. The airlock to the escape capsule has been damaged but can be reached from the other side of the ship. The human astronauts are helping their wormy comrades reach the capsule by using a series of warning lights in each quadrant of the station.

To motivate a worm, through its natural sensation of visible light, to navigate from a starting point to an intended location.

The worm starts in Quadrant 1 of the game board. The worm moves through each quadrant by incrementally triggering door switches until it reaches Quadrant 4. Quadrant 4 will be filled with some of the worm’s favorite foods, like coffee grounds or apple peels, so it can be rewarded for all of its efforts. The player is able to toggle LEDs on/off in order to motivate the worm to trigger the next door and to keep the worm from curling up in a dark corner of the game board.

Hello, our names are Eric Hamilton and Katie Staples. We made this project for our Cybiotic Interaction Design Class taught by Andrew Quitmeyer at Georgia Tech. For more information, here is the course website: http://lmc.gatech.edu/~aquitmeyer3/cybiotic/ 
wilgubeast1 year ago
That is awesome. Any classmates also sharing their final projects? We can zip those all up into a collection or ebook if you like.
I think a couple might! This is their finals week, so we'll see who gets their stuff done :) BTW I'm their instructor!
You set quite an example, then. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more awesome stuff from your class.
Wazzupdoc1 year ago
Love this. Reminds me of the work of James V. McConnell at the University of Michigan back in the 1960's (Try Googling "Worm Runners Digest"). He did operant conditioning of flatworms (planaria) with light and sometimes shock. I did some work with them studying pharmacology and Parkinson's Disease. Fun and interesting. Nightcrawlers are HUGE compared to planaria.
beware the worms can revolt an take over the space staion.
blorgggg1 year ago
Love the gummi worm GIF soooo much!
blorgggg1 year ago
This is a really well documented project! Congrats on the fantastic instructable!
That looks great! Are you part of some project or did you make this for your own amusement?
LCC3710 (author)  Firephoenix1231 year ago
Thanks! This project came from our final project in our Interaction Design class at GT.
colonelb31 year ago
Woah. That's intricate!