Want to make a real Garage Band? Then you'll need an instrument. Get out your wrench set, start wacking 'em, and make a xylophone.

Step 1: Parts Layout

Get out a set of wrenches. Bigger wrenches tended to be easier to work with and louder. The wood and wood screws are for making a box. The nails and string are used to suspend the wrenches inside the box.
<p>Years ago, I worked the swing shift at the electronics section of the Naval Torpedo Station in Keyport, Washington. As I came into work, I heard beautiful xylophone music. Of course, I had to track it down. What I found was, a fellow worker had laid his entire set of wrenches of a large strip of egg carton foam packing for the big computers and was playing the result.</p>
Neat-O Saul! Now I am thinking....who has some old wrenches they would like to part with? Hello Freecycle community?....
If you are a science teacher this is an excellent way to demonstrate fundamental frequencies. Every object has its own fairly unique combination of frequencies at which it will tend to vibrate if struck. Fundamental Frequencies like those demonstrated in this device are how we know what fell in the next room (whether it was a vase, a bowling ball, or a person) just by the sound it made when it struck the floor.
Hey Grog, I sure wish I had been your student. You sound like a fun and clever teacher!
You could form a garage orchestra! (=
I was just thinking about a wrench Xylophone, and was planning to look for some cheap wrenches today. Then I happened across this. My idea is a little different, but thanks for stealing my thunder.
If you use cheap wrenches you may be disappointed in the tone, if that's important. You've maybe noticed the ringing sound when you drop a silver or silver alloy coin on the table, compared to washers or slugs ? I suspect the harder, "stiffer" alloys of the Snap-on or Mac tools will sound brighter, and probably louder, than the cheap Chinese crud in the dollar tool bin. Might be really interesting to do both, and compare the results.
After wading through some of the junk and advertising posted lately, I just have to say this really made me smile. Simple, elegant, fun. A+

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