Picture of Yagi foil HDTV antenna.
Another conversion to foil antenna from the work of Kent Britain (www.wa5vjb.com/references/CheapYagi4HDTV.pdf). This is a third in a series of foil TV antennas we have make.

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Note: These antennas are for entertainment purposes only and do not claim to have any benefit in using them.
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Step 1: What's needed:

Picture of What's needed:
5 - 6 feet of aluminium foil.
Couple feet of tape if that.
15 inches of copper wire

The diagram:

Step 2: Directors and reflectors.

Picture of Directors and reflectors.
Need to cut long ways out of a roll of foil 12 and 10 inches for the reflectors.
Need to cut longways 7, 6.75, and 6.5 inches for the directors.

Take each sheet of foil and fold in half till about 1/4 inch thick or as much as you can fold them.

Set aside.

Step 3: Base.

Picture of Base.
Cut a 14 x 14 inch cardboard or poster board base.

Fold in half just to get a crease soyou know where the center is. (if not foldable, use a ruler to mark a center line.)

Step 4: Driven element.

Picture of Driven element.
You need to cut a piece of thick copper wire 15 inches long.
(If you do not have access to copper wiring, you could use a folded up folded of piece of foil as a secondary substitute.)

Take the wire and at the 9.5 inch point fold it around a finger into a sort of u-turn.
The remaining length should be 5 inches.

Step 5: Mounting of directors and reflectors..

Picture of Mounting of directors and reflectors..
Starting 1 inch in mount your directors and reflectors according to the diagram perpendicular to the crease in the paper. You might want to take a ruler and mark the proper points first to make the process easier.
Make sure they are equal length on both sides of the crease. Tape them down as you place each one properly.

Step 6: Mounting the element.

Picture of Mounting the element.
This is tricky part. Tape down the long end of the element in it's proper place. Now you want to rotate the wire loop so that it is perpendicular to the paper.
At the centerline either glue or tape down two small pieces of Styrofoam (or light wood cubes) to hold the loop upright.

Step 7:

Picture of
Lay the completed unit on a level surface as high as you can get it. Remember this is a directional antenna so you will have to point the antenna towards the station you want for best results.

Test it!!
georion3 years ago
sad remark -entertainment only- no benefit--what the deal ????????
Computothought (author)  georion3 years ago
All yagi antennas are directional in nature. My brother lives behind a mountain, So it will not do much for him. Just trying to be conservative in what I say about it.