Step 3: Making a Yo-yo

After cutting out your circles you are going to thread your needle with it having a double thickness of thread. Tie a knot at the end and you are ready to start! Take a circle and fold down about a half inch of the edge. Start close the the fold of the fabric. Go completely around the outside of the circle using a basting stitch, each should be about half an inch long. I've done a crude picture using my computer's paint application because I could not get the lighting right in order to see my stitches. After reaching the beginning of your stitching on the circle, pull the thread tight and it will cause it to gather and form a cute little button piece of fabric. Make a knot with your thread in order to keep it tight and repeat this process with another circle.

This repeating process can take a very long time. My vest is made of 121 individual yo-yos sewn together. If you are making a vest larger than mine this number will be higher unless you use bigger circles.
I kinda liked it when it didn't have the strap up the middle. If you left it open in the back "one giant armhole" like you said... then you could attach some fabric to the bottom to make a really cute dress!! XD
I'm going to make this when I'm having my vacation, definitely.
thats a pretty nice idea ill try it 4 my little 1 <br>thnx 4 sharing it
wow!is very good!
That kitten you have as an avatar is adorable!! Lunius, you're right I should have looked closer, I was too overcome by the really cute model.
that's pretty awesome.. You should start selling those.. <br> <br>and javajunkie, if you look closely, she said earlier that she made it that short because it's getting warmer, and that it'd be simple to make it longer..
Thanks! I was actually thinking of maybe selling this one that I made afterwards but now that it's done I can't let all my hard work go!
Is it really supposed to be that short? I would have made it longer. At least to the waist. Good instructable anyhow. I like the racerback style.
It's terrific! And now we can all see how much work would go into an entire quilt made of yo-yos...
I love this project ... I've always thought yo-yo's were so versatile and colorful, the possibilities are endless. In your last sentence for this step (joining the yo-yo's), I think you meant to say, &quot;Make sure to KNOT each one securely ...&quot;. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, but in this case, the knots are just as important! Thanks for sharing this ... that vest would totally look adorable on my daughter!<br>*&not;&loz;
You're right, thanks for pointing that out! I wrote this late at night so I guess I was kinda sleepy. I hope your daughter enjoys it!
Looks good:) Thanks for sharing :P
My daughter will love this. Thanks

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