Introduction: ZVS Flyback Transformer Video

My ZVS flyback transformer driver operating on 24V. I am using two 12v sealed lead acid battery's in series for 24V for the power source.

What happens if you put salt on the electrodes?


hemant solanki (author)2014-08-27

what is the minimum arc length which this driver can provide ?

Alex1M6 (author)2011-08-29

Jacobs ladder

croslandjr123 (author)2011-08-27

Hey, Jozef C here!

Great vid, just got my ZVS driver working yesterday and I was so happy.
The ZVS is a great FBT driver, in't it?

Alex1M6 (author)croslandjr1232011-08-28

Thanks, haha yes the ZVS driver is an excellent driver. I went from 2n3055 and 555 drivers to the ZVS and never realised just how much abuse these flyback transformers can take.

Have you got any videos of your ZVS running?


croslandjr123 (author)Alex1M62011-08-28

I will make a video once I have my new Sony HDR-XR160. I can't bear the terrible audio quality with my current Fujifilm S1600.

I hope that with 36v at 7.2Ah I will get nice arcs like this : or arcs like your for example lol!


Alex1M6 (author)croslandjr1232011-08-29

Yes they will be fine for powering a ZVS driver, I used x2 12V 7ah lead acid battery's in series for 24V on mine and they work fine. I am hoping to get another one soon so I can run it at 36V.

Just be sure to keep them fully charged when not in use!

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