My wife and I are Zelda fans, so I knew I'd found a great gift when I discovered this Skyward Heart pendant. I'd also been looking to create something with my hands - not something I've done much of in the past, - so a homemade-musical-treasure-chest-jewelry-box was the obvious delivery method for the pendant.

As a complete newbie to wood working, I figured a small jewelry box was a good place to start. I also justified to myself that a treasure chest can and should be rough around the edges, relieving me of some pressure to get things just right.

Below is the final product which I presented to my wife via a scavenger hunt. She seemed pretty pleased with the entire package.

Read on to see how it was made.

Step 1: Materials

The below materials are what I used, though this project is wide open to personal interpretation. My suggestion is to wander a hardware store and see what you can find. That's what I did.

Assuming you have all the tools already, you should be able to do this project for around $75, including the necklace that goes inside (closer to $50, if you already have stain and poly lying around).

Wood Related
* (2x) 1/4x2x4 oak board (actually 1/4x1.5x48)- $2.82 each
* 1/4x4x4 oak board (actually 1/4x3.5x48) - $5.75
* Wood stain - $5
* Polycrylic finish - $18

Decorative brass corner plates (4-pack) - $2.99
* Decorative brass hasp (5-pack) - $1.98
* Brass mid butt hinges (2-pack) - $2.47
* About 6-8 inches of brass jack chain (cut to length in chain aisle of Home Depot) - $0.63

* Record-your-own-message greeting card - Around $6 at Hallmark
* Tilt sensor - $1.95 at SparkFun (buy two just in case)

* Wood glue
* Brass tacks
* Electrical tape
* Black felt or foam for lining of chest (browse a hobby shop)
* Felt sticky feet
* Skyward Heart pendant - $22

* Circular or table saw
* Jigsaw
* Screwdriver
* Carpenter's square
* Sandpaper
* Adjustable clamps
* Brushes
<p>Super easy build! Thanks for the idea!</p>
<p>really nice! :) I hope I will make this one very soon. </p>
That was a very pretty heart in the chest. Did you make it?
This is super cool. It just needs to glow from the inside!
That would be an awesome addition!
thaaaaaanks it's so esay
Wonkiness is My Friend too.
Shut up and take my rupees!!
Ahha! That is so cool! Awesome job putting it all together :D
Thank you!

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