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Introduction: Zigzag Spooling Paracord

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Some cord and string comes from manufacturers on spools without end caps, wrapped around the spool in a zigzag type pattern that keeps it from spilling off the sides. This video demonstrates how to wrap paracord onto a spool in that manner. I used the same method with my Carabiner Paracord Spool project. This is just another way to keep paracord neatly stored and untangled in your bag or pack for camping, hiking, boating, backpacking, scouting, bushcrafting, geocaching, etc...



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    Ha, I was going to ask how you got the spool on the biner. Then I saw the link to your blog. Thanks, looks slick!

    Great idea. Have you ever tried a paracord speed rope? Those work really well, too. I've made at least 4 and they work great.

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    I learned the 'figure 8' coiling method as one of several for storing rope/cordage in the Boy Scouts over 30 years ago. I believe it's shown somewhere in 'The Ashley Book of Knots', and know it goes by different names, like 'fast rope', 'haynawa', and even being called 'tamales' when storing leather cord in a bundle by leatherworkers. ;).

    This one was very helpful, it helped me clean and organize my paracord supplies. I ended just cutting up some 1inch dowels to be about 6inches, worked great. I am going put some on a carbiner for outdoor activites.

    Ranger Joe's will have them. Or any climbing outfitter

    The one I used was a 20+ year old Omega Locking D carabiner. They still make them.

    Any way you can put this to PDF format. I cannot download the video?

    nice I just bought 300 feet of 100ft sections and i'm going to use this technique to bind it up

    You are not losing time doing this. Spend enough time packing it around, and you find most often when this stuff is needed, it is very often in a tangled wad. So you spend the time anyway untangeling it. I say take care of that when you are bored, at home, and not in the woods or on the lake, trekking up some mountian. Heck you just might need some in a hurry, for some emergency. Then it's right there, tangle free and ready to go...whats your time worth in that case?

    SO THATS HOW YOU DO IT!!! Thanks a lot for this technique it really helped me clear up my paracord!

    AWESOME!!! I love making paracord crafts and have been trying to figure out how to keep about 50ft in my camping gear without it just being all over. I never even thought about spooling it onto something...which is weird, since I do the same thing with duct tape. lol! LOVE the vid!

    If it isn't time comsuming, then it isn't worth it.

    I cut the pipe in half, put it on the carabiner, then taped it back together.

    i get it!

    I have a photo collage showing a couple of different types of pipe/tubing to fit on the carabiners.

    Dang dude! That almost looks like a Turk's Head, with bights and everything.

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing this with us. I find that "short and sweet" often works the best when creating videos. Having said that, really enjoyed it, but maybe something to keep in mind for the future :)

    Nice work as always Stormdrane.
    Thanks to Stormdrane's paracord instructables I made a 5 foot long cobra braid dog leash with a double cobra braid handle.