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Jayt3127 months ago

I have an esee Izula knife I recently purchased. Any suggestions on what kind of wrap for the handle? Thank you...

Stormdrane (author)  Jayt3127 months ago
I have tied a few examples I applied to the Izula I used to have, finally leaving the Turk's head knot on the handle.  Blog post link:  http://stormdrane.blogspot.com/2011/05/izula.html

There are many variations folks have tied on theirs, googling 'Izula handle wrap' will bring up some to view, but you'll have to search further for tutorials.

Crafty stuff here! Gongrats!

Good one. Thanks for following me.

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Thanks for sharing with us..

Great work. Thanks for following me.

Appreciate your talent. Keep going. Thank you for following me.!!!!

danialbell52 years ago

Good thought has shared with us thank you for sharing. Nice work. !!!

creone2 years ago
Thank You for Your Instructables!
k, i only have dial up it will not load videos i'm out in the stix no other internet here :(
Stormdrane (author)  1KUSTOMLEATHER2 years ago
A knot tying friend has this photo tutorial you can try.
k, thx greatly appreciate the tutorial!!
Do you have instructable 4 a paracord monkey fist i dont see a search box maybe because i have a free account??
Stormdrane (author)  1KUSTOMLEATHER2 years ago
I haven't put up an instructable for tying a monkey's fist, but do have a YouTube video tutorial.