Introduction: Zip Tie It

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I am very sorry people but I cannot find the pack of zip please listen to these wonderful ideas.i am sure you will like them.

Step 1: Zip Tie Lock

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Instead of buying a good could go with a zip tie lock in which you have to tie the holes of the chain together .

Step 2: The Zip Tie Prank

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For this just tie the scissors with zip tie and you are ready to pull the prank.

Step 3: The Zip Tie Necklace

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Put some colourful zip ties together and you are ready with your DIY necklace for the special one.

Step 4: Use It As a Book Binder

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Tie two of 'em together and put them through.thats it.

Step 5: Broke That Keychain,no Problemo !

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Use your zip tie as a keychain.

Step 6: Extra Wire Holder

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Put that extra wire together and tie it up with a zip tie.

Step 7: Please Vote

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For all those who're watching please vote me for the ziptie challenge.i am sure my project is eligible for that Apple Watch or even that instructable t shirt .thank you all.


Big Projects (author)2016-01-18

Next time try doing the things rather than just writing them down. This is just some recommendations.

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