I had planned on being a zombie this year for Halloween ever since watching Resident Evil 3 and becoming obsessed with zombies in general. However, the Monday before Halloween, I was caught off guard, for I thought Halloween was the following week. So I hurriedly made my zombie costume in 90 minutes, but it still turned out pretty well. As I take my inspiration from Resident Evil, my zombies are not the dirty type that come out of the grave, but instead are bloody victims of some zombie virus and are ripped up from struggle with other humans.

P.S. I apologize that this came on after Halloween of 2007 was over. As I said, I only remembered Halloween was coming up on the 29th, I got my coat on the 30th, spent 30 minutes in the afternoon of the 30th, and woke up at 5 AM on the 31st to do the blood. However, do have fun next Halloween.

Step 1: Clothing

For clothing, I'd suggest some lighter color such as grey, white, khaki, etc.

In my case, I wanted to be a zombified researcher so I chose a white button up, some white slacks, a belt, a tie, and a lab coat. My tutorial will be using these articles of clothing.
you should splatter some "blood" on the tie, maybe tear it a little too. otherwise, its way too clean for this great job on the fast costume btw
awesome guide dude, helped me out in a pinch. seriously did this the night before. i used walmart brand fake blood, it worked fairly well, the only problem was that it flaked off of my skin after a couple hours.
Haha - nice one!
I was thinking of being a zombie slayer this year, so I've been looking and looking for diy costumes. I'm looking at this and trying to reverse it, and take some things out so I'm a slayer instead of a villain. Any advice, anyone? I was thinking of having a papercraft gun, a bit of wounds, a couple of bullet holes on the edges, like the sleeves (because they're awesome), and other things.
Why would you want to kill zombies?!?!? Dunno - coolest zombie slayers are the ones from the Resident Evil movies You don't need bullet holes - who would've put them in you? Zombies don't use guns
Thanks man this is my Halloween costume this year. =)<br/>
Haha - good to know - if you take any pics, please post 'em up
This is awesome! Nice instructable! So..what did kumar go as? :-)
couldve been like re4 and had plagas sprouting out of your head. or this also from residant evil 4
Lol. Perhaps next Halloween.
yeah look up plagas and make a helmet so that ur head is one.
one good way to enhance this. get a limb amputated. keep the severed limb.coat it in blood. beat people senseless with the limb while stumbling along. if you dont appear to be a zombie at least you will appear to be completely mad.a looney. a full blown wackaloon.
Wow! Great idea! Try it out next Halloween and send me some pictures. I'll put them on the last page of this Instructable. Looking forward to seeing them, man!
umm i was being sarcastic then. you can if you want but at the risk of sounding______(insert one of the following words here. stupid, nerdish, odd, other) i dont do halloween
only real men do halloween!
Nice instructable. Zombies are great!
hey...good instructable, but if i had to make any sort of criticism it would have to be that your instructions on tearing the pants was a little confusing. i didn't really understand what you meant by, "Choose one of the kneecaps of the pants and chop a "X" shape making sure not to connect each of the tear. Then use your hand to tear the knee area apart to whatever size you want. Make sure it's hand torn after the initial tearing for the effect of struggle." But overall i give you a good rating...happy late halloween!!!
Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to clarify the instructions.

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