Picture of Zombie Makeup Tutorial
This is a tutorial on how to make zombie makeup.
This is perfect for Halloween or movie making.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here is the list of things you will need,

1. Liquid Latex
2. Makeup Designory Special FX Palette
3. Sea Sponge (orange) & Rough Sponge (black)
4 Spatter Brush (or Tooth Brush)
5. 3rd Degree Silicon Molding Medium (Part A & Part B) come in a set.
6. Small Makeup Brushes (small, angled, and fine tip)
7. Ben Nye: Thick Blood
8. Reel Effects Fake Blood
9. Face Powder (any kind)
10. Metal Palette & Palette Knife
11. Toilet Paper


Cinema Secrets Makeup Setting Spray

Step 2: Step One preping the face. (Males)

Picture of Step One preping the face. (Males)
You will want to make the face as clean shaven as possible. This will make adding makeup easier.
(Females should be just fine.)

Step 3: Bite Mark

Picture of Bite Mark
Step 1. Add liquid latex in desired area.
Step 2. While still sticky apply small pieces of toilet paper.

Repeat until desired thickness is achieved.

Step 4: Slashes

Picture of Slashes
Mix equal parts A & B of the silicone jars (DO NOT CROSS CONTAMINATE! This will activate the whole jar and make it useless)

Place palette knife on skin at a 20 degree angle and slowly drag across skin. Be gentle, you can cut the skin making a far more realistic slash.

Do this twice, flipping the knife 180 degrees, This will make a valley for the makeup to sit in.

Add more ridges and valleys to make more slashes on the skin.

Step 5: Tear open the face

Picture of Tear open the face
Grab a corner of the latex mold and slowly pull away. Be careful to not tear it off.
If any patches appear add latex and toilet paper to fix.

Step 6: Coloring the slashes

Picture of Coloring the slashes
First get your FX palette and add Black, Maroon, Purple, and Red to the metal palette.
(mixing colors is all experimenting)

Here is the basic idea though:

Red in the middle.
Maroon around the Red.
Black as the border.