Picture of Zombie/monster fingernails
Hello! This instructable will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating gross, dirty fingernails that look great with monster costumes. The supplies are relatively cheap, and the process is really fun and easy!

Also, this project allows for tons of creative freedom, so you don't have to make it the same way I do. I made these specifically for a Silent Hill nurse costume, so I made them a bit more claw-like by cutting the sides of the nails at an angle. That isn't necessary if you don't like the way it looks.
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Step 1: Everything you'll need!

Picture of Everything you'll need!
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For starters, you need some fake nails. I got these at Walmart for $5.70. It's a good idea to get the uncut nails because you'll want them to be kind of long, and you can always cut them to the desired length.

Next, you're going to need some acrylic paint in dark green, brown, black, and (optional) white. You can get these at any craft store for pretty cheap.

Scissors and an emery board are also going to be pretty necessary. (the emery board is included in this nail kit)

Lastly, a basic paint brush, something to wipe excess paint on, and something to mix colors on.

A few other optional things you can use are some newspaper to paint over to avoid a mess, some water to clean the brush, gloves to keep the mess off your hands, and acetone to remove any excess nail glue from your skin.

Step 2: To begin...

Picture of To begin...
Take a fingernail and trim about 3/8" or so off the top. You'll need a little extra length for the next step.

Optional: you can file the sides of nail to fit your nail bed if necessary, and if you would like to create a claw-like affect, simply cut the sides at an angle.

Step 3: Creating the broken effect

Picture of Creating the broken effect
Take your scissors and just cut little bits out of the nail on the top and sides. You don't have to be very precise or specific with this step. Just go kinda crazy with the scissors and you'll end up with something a little like this.
HMice1 year ago
What a great halloween idea!
cutelittledeadpeople (author)  HMice1 year ago
mnmama1 year ago
Cool. Please come back and post pics after Halloween, OK? Can't wait to see them.
cutelittledeadpeople (author)  mnmama1 year ago
I definitely will! Thank you so much!(:
That is gross! Very nicely done :)
Thank you!(: