Introduction: Awsome DT Wallet

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easy sweet and different

Step 1: Tools

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what you will need is

the all and mighty DUCT TAPE

an X-ACTO knife





Step 2: The First Incision

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line up 2 I repeat 2 Id cards next to each other w/ a cenimeter space on eather side and between. cut on the DT thing side w/ a cm space.

Do 4*.

Step 3: Credit Cardz

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lay a ID card on the DT and cut with 1 cm on each side

do this 8*

Step 4: The Sticky

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#1 take the big pieces and stick 2 of them together perfectly. do it again not overlapping

#2 take the small pieces and stick them together perfictly.

#3 do #2 3 MORE times (not overlapping)

Step 5: Almost There

Picture of Almost There

tape the big pieces together on one long side and the 2 small sides.

tape small pieces on to the wallet with a few mm between the top and the small piece.

and go down the line like that.

Step 6: Time to Beat Halo 3 for the 100000000000000000th Time

Picture of Time to Beat Halo 3 for the 100000000000000000th Time

fold it in half and sit on it for an hour or so.


oinkoinkzoopals (author)2007-10-12

sorry man your wallet kinda sucks i made mine as a trifold with clear card holders and im trying to put a zipper pocket in it

he tried so hard in this wallet so,if you cannot say any nice word just dont comment

allbeef (author)oinkoinkzoopals2007-10-13

so wait you made mine and changed it?, cool

oinkoinkzoopals (author)allbeef2007-10-17

no i made mine when i was 10 and its better

so making things when you're young makes you cooler?

yes it does

ductytim (author)2008-02-23

how many dt wallets did u make, i made about 24 and they all have different stuff. im tim and im 11

gmjhowe (author)2007-10-12

im currently working on an instructble my self, its called "how to stop being an ass" check it out once ive got it up. ps, ur taking the risk of loosing it on the street what ever its in.

Aar000n3y (author)2007-10-11

Sorry, but the instructions aren't very good, and the wallet isn't even a good quality wallet in the pictures. It basically says what other duct tape wallet instructables say. There's little difference between this and others. So really it is just another lame duct tape wallet instructable.

allbeef (author)2007-10-11

peeps don't be hating- my friends want to buy these for $4 so i put it up here for free-again don't be hating- it's my first instructible

T3h_Muffinator (author)2007-10-10

Hey, just because something's a re-make, it doesn't make it lame. The first time you made a duct tape wallet, didn't you feel awesome?

There's no reason to downsize someone else's accomplishments, so long as they came up with their own plans or gave credit where credit is due.

By the way, Nice wallet, BEEF! It looks a lot like the first one that I ever made. Ahhh... good times =)

bumpus (author)T3h_Muffinator2007-10-11

yeah i did feel pretty awsome, but last night i was in a crappy mood so w/e - O) <---cyclops

Ramnosity (author)2007-10-11

I trust a wallet made out of Duct tape before a dickies wallet. DUCT TAPE WILL NEVER FALL APART.

Oily Seldon (author)2007-10-10

A lame DT wallet is better than no Instructable :P

My point, Exactly

bumpus (author)2007-10-10

cough* waste of server space *cough

Ezza (author)bumpus2007-10-10

I agree with T3h_Muffinator's comment. Instructables has a "be nice" comment policy. Didn't you see that? Anyway, is it wasting your server space? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it is.

T3h_Muffinator (author)Ezza2007-10-11

Thanks, Ezza!

T3h_Muffinator (author)2007-10-11

.....Since when does money need a "well built" holder? DIY > Factory Built! Get with the trend, man!

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