Bouncy sugru bumper for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S + NEW VIDEO

Picture of bouncy sugru bumper for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S + NEW VIDEO

After having sugru bumpers on my iPhone for a year I learned just how protective they are...
so I made this video to show you just how much I trust them !!!

This is the original video which shows how to make sugru bumpers and how to remove them.
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Step 1: Get ready

Picture of Get ready
To get started, make sure your hands and your phone are clean

If you don't have any sugru, you can buy it from

Step 2: Open sugru

Picture of Open sugru
A Smart Hack (5g) sachet of sugru is plenty for this hack - once you open the sachet you have about 30 minutes to work with sugru before it starts to cure so take your time - work the material in your hands for a few seconds, this makes it work better

Step 3: 4 corners = 4 pieces of sugru

Picture of 4 corners = 4 pieces of sugru
Tear the sugru into 4 even pieces, one for each corner of your phone.
Press a piece of sugru onto each corner (be careful not to cover the buttons, speakers or camera lens) - then fold the sugru over onto the glass on the front and back of the phone.

Step 4: Get the shape right for you

Picture of Get the shape right for you
sugru - iPhone 4 - finishing touches.jpg
Once the sugru is in place, get the shape right - gently touch the sugru repeatedly to tweak the shape, don't panic, you have plenty of time.

Step 5: Leave sugru cure

Picture of Leave sugru cure
Once you are happy with you hack, leave it somewhere to cure overnight - sugru cures to a lovely silicone rubber

Step 6: OK - but does sugru come off?

Picture of OK - but does sugru come off?
Yes, sugru is removable - carefully tear the sugru from your phone

Step 7: Wipe it clean

Picture of Wipe it clean
There will be some residue left behind, to clean this off, simply scrape it with the back of your finger nail then wipe it clean with a cloth.

Step 8: Good to know:

Picture of Good to know:
sugru bonds well to the metal on the frame of the iPhone 4 but does not bond to the glass (there is some funny coating there)
sugru does bond to previous iPhone screens!