Step 4: The Barrel

all I used for the barrel was another SCRAP piece of metal tubing. I used a drill bit to drill in the front where the barrel will slide in. after I got to this point I broke out the epoxy and epoxied all the pieces together except the handle
<p>cool gun, good job!</p>
<p>cool gun, good job!</p>
i hate when people use pics of the actualy thing and u click on it expecting ur gunna learn how to make a really realistic thing and it looks nothing like the origonal
but in this case it wasnt tht bad
About how long was the gun. And how thick was the wood?
It's looks mauser
the original prop was a mauser c-96 pistol that was modded a bit.
its also what they used for the red 9 in resident evil 4
No red-9 was a different type of mauser.
I like the way you have overcome functional-fixedness of objects (ie the tip off the direction cone). The buildup is interesting too. I think the scope development was nice also.
Nice job, but if you didn't know, it was based off a Mauser C-98/96/whatever it is, there are airsoft versions that go for like $15.
yeah I was looking for water pistols (since its the start of summer) for a lugar looking water gun to make my job easier but thanks!!
I think it was nicknamed "the broomhandle" if it helps.
Yes it is.
cool, nice work keep it it.
I will keep it up,and I post my newly done work on this site, thanks

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