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Introduction: Cardboard Ship Model

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In this instructable , you gonna learn how to make ships from cardboard which looks like crafted from wood .
You can also make a great ship scene or further can make "ship in bottle "

Step 1: Material Required:

2)cardboard from old notebook's cover


4)fine sandpaper


6)black colour thread

7)water colour

8)white paper



11)thumb pin or geometric compass

Step 2: Cutting Cardboard Strips

-cut 2cm wide strips of the cardboard.
-from these 2cm wide strips ,cut 7cm long strips. -mark a v-shape for ship's front body. -cut two "v shape" from the strips and two rectangular strips as shown in pictures.

Step 3: Stacking and Glueing

-one by one stack and glue the each layer of cardboard as shown in pictures

Step 4: Sanding/smoothing

-after drying of glue , sand out the sides of the ship to make a smooth surface .This will help in making surface smooth and will look like a uni-body

-sand out the bottom corners of the ship as shown in pictures

-after sanding ,glue the rectangular part to the ship model .

-now for making the surface more smooth and good for painting , apply a coating/layer of the glue on the ship model with the help of fingers and let it dry .

Step 5: Making Holes for Toothpick Poles

-cut about 1.5cm from the tip of toothpick and glue at the point of ship model as shown in picture.
-with the help of compass, make 3 holes as shown in pictures for the toothpick.

-take 3 toothpicks and cut in ascending order and glue them in to the holes.

Step 6: Making the Sail and Paintng

-lay down the ship model and mark the points of toothpick on the white paper.
-cut out the paper. -before gluing up the paper on the toothpick, now paint the ship according to your choice (red, brown ,golden)

-after drying of paint, glue the paper to the toothpicks -now take black thread and tie a knot on the front toothpick and from there tie knots to the toothpicks.

.....and done :)

You can also do detailing of the ship by making ship anchor with copper wire etc.....



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this instructible is really cool

This has the 'spirit' of those kitchy little boats you can find in souvenir shops located near beach areas!! I love those!