Step 3: The Knot

I didn't have a thin chain but I had some ladder ribbon I use to make necklaces, I did a very basic crochet/macrame chain stitch where you make a loop in the string, pass the string back through the loop to form another loop and pull the 1st loop snug and repeat as needed. I left some of the ribbon unknotted and tied the 2 ends together.
<p>Thank you for posting this. My biggest problem is constantly <br>dropping my Logic disposable on the disgusting ground. It's a slippery <br>little fella. I will try this for sure, and post a pic when im done =) <br>Just an additional comment, Logic e cig (tobacco for me) was the only <br>kind that helped me quit. It's taste and oral sensation was the closest <br>to the real thing I have found so far. It is hard to find a good regular<br> Tobacco flavor and fancy vape's are way too smooth..</p>
Not a bad idea... though if you're still smoking regular cigarettes, you're doin it wrong. =) You might try investing in a bigger PV (personal vaporizer) than the standard e-cigarettes... They may not look like a cigarette anymore, but that's kinda the point. They take away the feeling of holding a cigarette to your lips, and actually do help you quit and take away any cravings you might have. As a bonus, the better the device you get, the more vapor you can produce, which translates into more of a feeling of &quot;blowing smoke&quot;, which is what most people who keep smoking while using e-cigs are missing. I love making huge clouds of smoke, so having a vape that can make huge billowing clouds of vapor is ideal. E-Cigs just aren't capable of producing any appreciable vapor compared to even the most basic custom Mod.

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