I saw a guy in SF with a bike like that looked like a deodorant stick which gave me the idea to hack a solar garden light into a deodorant stick for easy weather proofing (and aerodynamic goodness).

This is a simple hack, re-packaging a solar garden light. All you need is a deodorant stick, a solar light, and some silicone.

This is great for people who bike to work and park outside. Free renewable energy from the sun!

Step 1: Get yer bits together

Remove the left over deodorant bits from the stick. Pull out the screw mechanism which drives the deodorant up to your armpit.

Now you've got an empty chassis into which you can insert the battery and circuit board from your solar light.

Disassemble the solar light. It should just be a solar cell wired to a circuit board, and a battery pack.

Keep an eye out for the light sensor. A little cadmium cell that is usually somewhere near the solar panel. The cadmium cell acts as a switch, so the light turns on in darkness and stays off in light while the battery charges. I chose not to wire an on/off switch since the battery usually stays charged until at least midnight after a day in the sun and I wanted to keep this light simple.

You could wire in a switch (and use the spinny bit on the deodorant stick for a weatherproof switch actuator.) if you like late night (early morning) bike rides...

<p>im glad i found this. its perfect for my class project. how much would a cheap light maybe cost?</p>
I like the idea for a bike. I usually find that I can see all that I need when riding at night here in Germany. I just need to be sure that cars and busses can see me!<br>
I wonder if there is a way to get this setup to shine brighter with LED bulbs.
you can replace the cheap solar light LEDs with ultra bright white LEDs and you can also add more LEDs to increase the brightness, but it will cut down on the amount of time the battery can provide power. Adding a reflector behind the LEDs also helps...
feels sorry because i cannot add new comment and cannot add pict easy as before, i have try FF and IE, and the result is same... <br> <br>anyway, your project much better than mine... <br>check this out.... <br> <br>Lamp Light lantern by NOKIA <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sgmc7nS5JA <br>--- <br>http://img688.imageshack.us/i/snapshot20100916.jpg/ <br>--- <br>http://img6.imageshack.us/i/snapshot201009161.jpg/ <br>--- <br>http://img237.imageshack.us/i/snapshot201009162.jpg/ <br> <br>for the charger , i'm using auto OFF universal charger ....
Oh. The solar light already has LED bulbs?
yeah. Any other light source would require a larger solar panel and battery. Usually the LEDs in the solar garden lights are relatively bright, but you can replace them with brighter LEDs
thats cool
The bike idea is swell, but I'm thinking little golden lights like that might be very sweet in the garden. Not to light the way for anything, simply to glow for interest/beauty. Good timing for me. I'm needing to buy deodorant today. I'll be sure to choose one that will give me that 'golden' glow! Thanks Bud!

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