Picture of disco helmet
I wanted my surfing helmet to be a little more identifiable. a little more.... disco.
This is a Gath helmet covered with mirrored acrylic squares 1/4"x1/4" cut on a laser cutter. Glued with some glue that works really well It is clear and flexible. i think it is a urethane glue.
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Step 1: Start with your helmet of choice

Picture of start with your helmet of choice
in my case an XXL Gath surf helmet.

Step 2: Cut lots of mirrored pieces.

Picture of cut lots of mirrored pieces.
best not to use glass, it's sharp.
so i used mirrored acrylic.
1/4inch pieces square are great, but i guess you can use any mosaic pattern you wish.

Step 3: Glue them on

Picture of glue them on
i used this clear adhesive. waterproof, seems to have worked well.
a year of use and i've only lost a handful of mirrors.

Step 4: Let it dry, wear it,

Picture of let it dry, wear it,
ride with it!
the ifabricate programmer in chief is cameoed here....
nancyjohns3 months ago

this is fantastic, especially for the second 'ible EVER.

 Second Instructable ever. Pretty cool!
Tommyhzy5 years ago
But then if you're going surfing... There's bound to be marine life down there... And you've lost a "handful" of those shiny, attractive, eye-catching, marine live loved squares. And the squares are sharp and are made with all sorts of dangerous materials... That just doesn't add up to be a good thing.
oh,give me a break!! according to you,then we shouldnt eat because it would kill plants and animals!! i am really getting tired of comments like these
Ok I'll give you a break

And if you're tired then get more sleep? 
its weird that it says its that early i posted that during the afternoon and thank you for the break!
sir-zeke5 years ago
great, make a disco helmet, so i can get beat up...
Flumpkins6 years ago
THIs is the 2nd instructable ever made!
fishhead4557 years ago
And I shall use the idea on my paragliding helmet to advise the planes I am in their space. Thanks.
A great idea for combatting riptides from hell. No need to wave for help, just look side to side to reflect rays back to shore.
...and blind the lifeguard(s)... actually, nevermind, that's what the shades are for
Metal4God7 years ago
number 1000 vews
chrisv9 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
limey chrisv8 years ago
unless you posted as a joke you may want to check out the sort of surfing saul does.
Shamigo9 years ago
I suppose it'd work great on a ski helmet...i was thinking of somehow making my ski helmet look like darth vader's head...that'd be nuts!
wolfenstein9 years ago
cool! i must have one of this