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Introduction: Dragon Sword

Hi! So this is my first instructable, and I forgot to take pictures of the sword in progress so I decided to tell you how I I did it. So here it is...

Step 1: Template

I drew a template on paper for the blade then traced it on to wood (with the grain pointing up and down). Next I cut and sanded it for the blade.

Step 2: The Handle

I took some pvc pipe and cut a piece about 6 1/2 inches long. Then I cut a notch in one end so I could slide the blade inside.

Step 3: Puting It All Together!

I put it all together then took some screws and a drill then screwed the blade on the handle.

Step 4: The Paint Job.

I took some gray primer spray paint and sprayed the blade. once dried, I sprayed the blade with silver spray paint. Then I painted the handle black.

Step 5: FINISH!

I printed the dragon alphabet and wrote "dragon blade" on it. I hope you liked this instructable.

See ya!



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    I would say that is more like a knife than a sword… it is way too small to be a sword

    Hey, that looks like it turned out pretty well!

    Next time you make something, be sure to snap a few photos along the way. You've got some creative talent, you ought to show it off!