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Introduction: Duct Tape School Folder

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To do this folder you need duct tape, scisors, and a ruler.

Step 1: Sheet

to start you need take make a sheet of duct tape that is 10 inches wide and 1 foot tall.

Step 2: Sheet

once you have the sheet make sure there is no sticky duct tape showing if there is just cover it up with another peace of duct tape.

Step 3: Two Sheets

once you have made one sheet you need to make another sheet just like it.

Step 4: Almost There

with those two sheets you need to duct tape them together long side up.

Step 5: Pockets

to make the pockets you need to make a sheet that is 9 inches long and how ever tall as you want it.

Step 6: Pockets!!!

when you finish with that sheet, you need to duct tape it to the inside of the folder. tape the bottom and sides to the folder.

Step 7: Design

when you have the pocket taped to the folder you can add a little bit of flare to the design of the folder. add what ever you want i did my school colors for going back to school.

Step 8: Finally Finished

Do what ever you want to the cover. it's your cover to choose what goes on it. just remember to vote for me and help me in the converse contest.



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    Thank u for making that it really helped

    Amazing. I sell these to some people at my school and they love 'em.

    Wow!!! I am soooo trying this.

    Good first "ible. Gave me lot of ideas.

    good idea!!!!!!!!!!

    this is incredible. great job

    I like how you spelled piece!!