This project describes the design of a very low budget 3D Printer that is mainly built out of recycled electronic components. The result is a small format printer for less than 100$.

First of all, we learn how a generic CNC system works (by assembling and calibrating bearings, guides and threads) and then teach the machine to respond to g-code instructions. After that, we add a small plastic extruder and give an overview on plastic extrusion calibration, driver power tuning and other few operations that will bring the printer to live. Following this instructions you will get a small footprint 3D Printer that is built with about an 80% of recycled components, which gives it a great potential and helps to reduce the cost significantly.

On one side you get an introduction to machine building and digital fabrication and on the other side you get a small 3D Printer built out of reused electronic parts. This should help us to be more conscious about the big problems related with e-waste generation.


Step 1: Step 1: X, Y and Z axes

Needed components:

2 standard CD/DVD drives from an old PC.

1 Floppy disc drive.

We can get this components at no cost in a waste station in our neibourhood. We want to make sure that the motors we get from the Floppy disc drives are stepper motors and not DC motors.

<p>What are the approximate dimensions of the machine frame? </p>
<p>A PC CD/DVD player size.</p>
<p>I hate to sound dumb but I did not see where I am supposed to be getting these motherboard like pieces to connect everything to. Can someone please help.</p>
<p>Ramps 1.4 board. check ebay or amazon.</p>
<p>can anyone give me a list of materials?</p>
<p>Will 12 V 30A PC power unit work good with printer ? please reply i m stuck .</p>
<p>What power supply should i buy for the project ? and where can i get it ?</p>
How exactly are all of the motors connected to the metal frames, then connected to the acrylic? Thanks
has anyone figured out size of print scale
<p>has anybody made it?</p>
<p>where is the step 11?</p>
<p>how do i get the parts for the nozzle part</p>
<p>E-Bay maybe, i did... ;)</p>
<p>i just skimmed over this but would the stepper motors of old printers be fine too? simply making a frame similar to a disk drivearound it would make it more resizable.</p>
<p>Hi Aonir,</p><p>Any stepper would probably do fine, just find out the wires. It doesn't make a differents if it is a 4 or 5,6,7 even a 8 wire stepper, just find the 4 live ones you need.</p><p>See image i attached.</p>
<p>that's amazing could you share your parameter of marlin?</p>
<p>Where is step 11</p>
<p>can anyone who made this already post an actual parts list for this? I'm trying to figure out the construction of both an ewaste and a &quot;higher end&quot;. </p>
<p>This is a amazing! Thank you for sharing :)</p>

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