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ontdekhoek4 months ago

Nice concept, we are starting to build one now, and we want to use this for our schoolproject. Are there any schools already building this?

ElíasH21 year ago

Hola Mikel com va tot? espero que bé, me basat en el teu instructable per començar a crear una mini impressora 3d més que res per entendre com funciona, jo mateix m'he creat la RAMPS 1.2 i he comprat els drivers polulu a internet, bé sóc de BCN també pero ja fa uns 4 anys que visc a brasil i aqui esta dificil trobar components. tinc un dubte.... com t'ho fas per calibrar els eixos? estic trebalhant amb el pronterface... bé qualsevol cosa si em pots ajudar em farás un favor... Moltes gràcies per el teu instructable. una abraçada!!! (Elias)

Cyberchipz1 year ago

I ran into this instructables site for the first time, being an old IT, and computer repair guy, it looks like a viable 3D printer, and I'm almost guaranteed having much of the scrap needed, or so it appears. What I am disappointed about is not being able to download the .pdf plans without investing a substantial (for me) amount of money, just to use a site once.

If I found myself using this site repeatedly, it would naturally occur to me to become a PRO; but, when one comes across a site like this for the first time, it's just an arrogance I can't afford. Surely there is some way to get this one plan without being completely committed to this site. I would greatly appreciate any help this way.

Thank you so much just for making it available... (sigh).

technobe1 year ago

You can find the 3-D printed parts on eBay. Look for 3-D printer direct drive extruder parts.

geeter19871 year ago

Hello there! I've been looking to build my own 3D printer at home and I came across your project. I'm a cnc programmer and thought this would be a fun and rewarding thing to try. . Do you think you could share the build details? I so my email is geeter1987@gmail.com. Thank you very much!

OlisI11 year ago

Hello there very intresting project! Would you like to share with me the instructions and some details with the parts for me ? I am 19 years old and I rush for the electronic revolution! manosteletos@gmail.com

givit1 year ago

Hi Mikel,

I like your project, i hope if you can send me more details how i can build same of your machine. my email : amarbabic@hotmail.com

Thanks, Rest Regartds

InMarc1 year ago

Hi Mikel.

I also like your idea very much. Would it be possible to send some details (parts list, instructions..) to me? - organizer41@web.de

Very best regards,


Hi Mikel,

i like so much your machine, i hope if you can send me more details how i can build same of your machine. my email : eyad.business2050@gmail.com

Thanks, Rest Regartds