Introduction: Easy LED Costume

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Need a quick toddler (or adult) costume?  Here's one that can be done in about 5 minutes, using common household items.

You will need:
* a solid colored shirt
* a hat (same color as shirt)
* tape (white for dark colored shirts, black for light colored shirts)
* a pair of black pants (leggings work great!)
* flashlight

Step 1: Decorate Shirt

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Using the tape, put a diode symbol on the front of the shirt.

Step 2: Arrange Pants

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The pants represent the anode and cathode of the LED.  On most LEDs the anode is longer than the cathode.  To represent this, roll up one of the pant legs.

Step 3: Finish Costume

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Final touches:
  • put on hat
  • turn on the flashlight to go from a "plain old" diode to a light emitting one!


girino2n (author)2010-10-07

Excellent !! We must to energize our childrens early!

Emiliano Valencia (author)2010-10-07

hey dude, thats bot a LED, tats a normal diode!

ampt (author)Emiliano Valencia2010-10-07

The symbol states that she is a diode. She's carrying a flashlight. Thus, she's a "light emitting diode." Or at least that was my goal... :) (It's also easier to make the "normal" diode symbol out of tape)

janw (author)2010-10-07

Cute costume for a little geekling!

ylpihs (author)2010-10-07

Fantastic. Really like it. Thanks

indestructable (author)2010-10-07

That is a dark emitting diode symbol. :-)

The Light Emitting Diode would have the two squiggly arrows to visually indicate the emission.

I am glad you said this though: "On most LEDs the anode is longer than the cathode." Many people think it is a standard and always that way. I usually have to prove that this isn't true. Good to point out this fact.

ampt (author)indestructable2010-10-07

Actually, I intentionally used the "plain" diode symbol. It was intended as a play on words. You look at her and think "diode" and then she turns on the flashlight (a favorite hobby of hers) to get the "light emitting" part. (I didn't need the squiggles to indicate light emission, since she was happy to do it for me!)

Also, it's a lot easier to make the simpler symbol out of tape. :)

indestructable (author)ampt2010-10-07

OK I won't turn you in for that grievous omission. This time. :-)

But I won't show any leniency if that is not an LED flashlight.


tocsik (author)2010-10-06

:0D I love it!

Kiteman (author)2010-10-06

That's excellent!

Grathio (author)2010-10-06

Delightfully geeky! Love it!

huebner5000 (author)2010-10-06

lol. love the shorter leg bit.

schkip1973 (author)2010-10-06

that's cute and funny. my little toddler has very low activation energy, and loves lights and switches of all kinds! you get a free loudspeaker with every toddler led built in..

love the 'one leg longer' gag..

ampt (author)schkip19732010-10-06

It was her love of flashlights that led to the costume!

BOOM5601 (author)2010-10-06

Wow, a little random, but creative.

ampt (author)BOOM56012010-10-06

Perhaps I should mention that I'm an engineering professor and this was for a departmental Halloween party!

BOOM5601 (author)ampt2010-10-06

Good, you won't have people staring in confusion (unless your department really sucks).

canida (author)2010-10-05

Ridiculously cute, geeky costume!
You can never start too young...

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