Picture of electrical detonator
here ill show you how to make a cool electrical detonator for lighting up fireworks or other stuff for around 10 to 15 dollars
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Step 1: Stuff you will need

Picture of stuff you will need
you will need a hobby box, some switches, and  9 volt snap connectors i got it all at radioshack  

the project box is a tad too big you should go a size down

Step 2: The holes

Picture of the holes
you will need to drill three holes in the top      
the light is just for looks so you can be all cool like   yrll armed and flick the red light on
and then fire it

Step 3: The switches

Picture of the switches
if you dont have solder which i dont it will work fine
you cant see the but the light is connected to a 9 volt clip

Step 4: Wiring

Picture of wiring
the basic concept is that you will wire the two nine volts creating 18 volts  then you hook it up
to a switch and when you open the switch it will light the steel wool red hot and light a fuse

the light is just for cool looks

Step 5: Alligator clamps

Picture of alligator clamps
you will need some alligator clips i suggest using non isulated because 18 volts 
wont shock you and the plastic may catch fire
you also going to want 25 to 30 feet of wire to have distance

Step 6: The steel wool

Picture of the steel wool
you'll need some steel wool and make a thin piece about 2 inches long
this will turn red hot when you give a high(ish) voltage to it and can light paper and certainly a fuse
this one is lemon scented but the regular is a lot easier to handle

Step 7: Setting it up

Picture of setting it up
finally this is how you should set it up yoshould clamp it in one and wrap it around the fuse twice 
or however many times you want     after its burnt you will have to change it but if you already have them set up on 
the fuses it should go quick
BOOM OWWWW1 year ago
I tried steel wool it doesn't work can any one help?
Aron3133 years ago
I personally like christmas light bulbs better but this is good! :D
massmale994 years ago
hey neat little instructable I like it I have built many of these boxes and as the other comment said use the very fine steel wool it has a easier time with the battery to get hot for the ignition
I built something very simmilar but this is a nice instructable. You may want to include using the finest grade of steel wool just to clarify. I remember I went to the store once for this cause and was overwhelmed by the amount of different kinds! haha and and that project box was waywayway too big. I got away with a 3x2x1 box :P