here ill show you how to make a cool electrical detonator for lighting up fireworks or other stuff for around 10 to 15 dollars

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

you will need a hobby box, some switches, and  9 volt snap connectors i got it all at radioshack  

the project box is a tad too big you should go a size down
I tried steel wool it doesn't work can any one help?
I personally like christmas light bulbs better but this is good! :D
hey neat little instructable I like it I have built many of these boxes and as the other comment said use the very fine steel wool it has a easier time with the battery to get hot for the ignition
I built something very simmilar but this is a nice instructable. You may want to include using the finest grade of steel wool just to clarify. I remember I went to the store once for this cause and was overwhelmed by the amount of different kinds! haha and and that project box was waywayway too big. I got away with a 3x2x1 box :P

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