Eyeos is sort of a gui web driven desktop, it has a word processor, spreadsheet and many other features. It is perfect for touchpads, laptops, and even desktops to access remotely. it is simple to install also. No databases per se to deal with. I love it for using with my touchpad (aka the Chumby). if you are using it at home, you really do not need a whole lot of resources to use it. In fact, I ran an earlier version on an old Cisco Linksys Nslu2 (with debian etch installed)!. eyeOS should run on most any system that is runniing the Apache web server or the like. (i.e. MSWindows, OS/X, BSD, Linux, or etc.)

Note: This installation is for Debian based linux. Your install will vary according to the system being used. Pictured is the server pushing the eyeOS. Notice no gui on the server required.

Using web apps saves installing apps on your touchpad device.

Eyeos has been forked. For more details see: http://oneye-project.org/


Step 1: Getting the Software.

You may want to start with the older version as I think it has more features, unless eyeOS decided to unlock the latest version of their software. 

Download at:

You will want to download it and place it on your server.

Update: The downloads seem to have been disabled. If you do a web search of eyeOS_1.9.0.3.zip, you should find it.


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