Picture of faux fur tail
Don't buy a fabric tail for your costume! It's super easy to make an excellent tail out of faux fur. :D Making a faux fur tail is easier than you think!

It'll take you less than an hour to throw together (okay, maybe two if you're not much of a sewer), and you can customize it in tons of ways. There are so many colors of faux fur available in every length these days. I'm sure you can find something you love.

I've even seen tutorials of people painting faux fur to get exactly the color they want if you just can't find the right hue or pattern.

I've attached my faux fur tail with a safety pin, but use whatever you feel comfortable with.

Looking for ears to go along with your tail? Check out my tutorial for realistic faux fur animal ears!

Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of what you'll need:
  • 1/4 yard faux fur
  • new razor blades
  • measuring tape
  • needle and thread + sewing machine
  • something large and curved like a plate
  • safety pin for attaching
  • fabric scraps or polyfill for stuffing
  • pins
  • pen or marker for marking
You can use any sort of faux fur for this - I chose a grey/white/brown long haired fur. It's so pretty! :D Short fur will definitely be easier to work with if it's your first time.

Keep in mind that 1/4 yard of fur will give you enough to make ears and tail!
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it looks really cool were did u find that fabric??

How can u apply wire to make it bendable?

I hot glue 4 wires on the sides and it works great!
ILoveFoxes made it!1 month ago
Hmmm, I kinda used your tutorial to make a less realistic tail and If anyone wants to know how to make one come to my page!
RachelY5 months ago

i just got the fur to do this, so excited to get started! but one question, how would you make the tail with a different colored tip? ex. the tail im making is purple/black husky colored with a white tip.

Foxhead RachelY1 month ago
i think you only need to sew a piece of another color at the end and then continue with the instructable

Instead of using a safety pin, you could always try putting two elastic hoops at the top and then you could slide a belt through those hoops and BAM!! :3

luna fox wolf8 months ago
Btw I will post a pic of my tail! It's a silver fox tail, which is just a fox tail but instead of mahogany fur, it's black!!!
luna fox wolf8 months ago
I love it! It's beautiful and I am thinking about making it! The thing is, I already have an amaZing tail I wear lots!
mtchang leith8 months ago
i used this awesome tutorial for a black light reactive Gnar tail (blue) and used the same steps for Merle (stirped leopard) with some adjustments for the pompom at the bottom :D
envy.corpse10 months ago

does this tail move around while you walk or is it stiff and doesn't move at all?

jessyratfink (author)  envy.corpse10 months ago

It swings a bit, but not very much. :)

Where did you find the faux fur??

etsy has good fur, by everafterfabrics

BonnieW110 months ago

My friend and I made this for our fox costumes, and it turned out wonderful! Everyone was asking us, "Did you buy those?" and we just said, "Nope, they are homemade!". We referred a lot of people to this tutorial, FYI! I will post a picture soon (p.s, i know it's not halloween yet, and you are probably wondering why we were wearing our costumes, its because our town has this trick-or-treating thing where you go around this one shopping center, and its before halloween!)

JamieL111 months ago

This is absolutely fantastic! Where did you buy your faux fur? I like how it has the two different colored stripes. I'm trying to make one for a Cheshire Cat Halloween costume with turquiose and grey stripes (which i'm convinced doesn't exist lol).

BonnieW1 JamieL111 months ago


This is where i got my faux fur! She doesn't have a turquoise/grey fur, but you can request a custom order for that! The link goes to the cheshire faux fur she has (it's the normal purple and pink)!

iluvkittehs made it!1 year ago

Awesome :DD I just finished mine for a cosplay and it came out perfect! I ended up hand sewing it at since I don't have a sewing machine, but it turned out great! I just have to be careful I suppose so I don't kill the stitching :P

bronxy105 made it!1 year ago

Made it! So happy with how it turned out, it looks great, feels amazing and was so simple! Fantastic instructable!

Allexandra made it!1 year ago

I made a tail though I added a wire along the seam stitched inside, which allows me to give ot somw strengh and shape.


oh and I forgot to mention that I hand stitched it, it took longer but because the fabric was slippery it was safer to do.

LongSleves1 year ago

This is so cool! Must try it!

Can I sew it by hand? Btw this is awesome!!!
This is awesome :D Thanks alot.
I've got a fabric store that sells it quite cheap near where I work, and I can't believe I found this awesome tutorial thank you ^_^
love it.
tusecibi321 year ago
Where did you get the fur from?
Shadri1 year ago
Awesome! I was thinking I'd have to wait for Ren Fest or some such to get a tail. Now I can do it myself! (Humanely and cheaply, too!) Thanks!!!
vacroom2 years ago
How big does the curved thing have to be
jessyratfink (author)  vacroom2 years ago
Not too big, or it'll come out pointed. Just make it a gradual curve - only up 2-3 inches on each side. :)
faloofay2 years ago
you, madam, made my day! :D Ill be sure to upload a picture later!
gunman152 years ago
Thanks, I will use this and modify it to make a Koga costume from inuyasha. http://www.zeably.com/Koga_(InuYasha)&type=wallpaper
jimjohn2 years ago
Thanks again!!! I finally got my fur and made my tail. Your instructions really helped me out. Also going back and using a backstitch worked out great. Tail is amazing.
jimjohn2 years ago
is this possible to do without a sewing machine? i realize it might be harder but i dont have the money to buy a sewing machine. Also thanks for the tutorial. Easiest one to follow that I've found so far.
jessyratfink (author)  jimjohn2 years ago
Oh, definitely. :D After basting with a running stitch, go back over your stitches with a backstitch. That should be strong enough to hold up to stuffing and wearing. :)

And you're welcome!
ynze2 years ago
I'd love to see you wearing this tail and the ears you made :-)

msel2 years ago
very fantastic :)
mikolynn2 years ago
Cut and very useful! :P
HollyMann2 years ago
Cute! That looks awesome!
rimar20002 years ago
Very interesting work, Jessy!

(I can't believe, I am reading sewing tasks)
PitStoP2 years ago
Foxyyyy! Looks good on you Jessy. : )
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