An essential oil burner (air freshener) made from a tin can.

One small tin can (I used a Vienna Sausage can)
Tea Candle
Essential oil of your choice

Good scissors, tin snips, or other cutting device
Can opener that opens cans from the side

Step 1: Get a Can

Look through the pantry and get the smallest can of whatever. Eat whatever is in the can. Waste not, and all that. Okay, take the label off.
EXCELLENT!!!!<br><br>now I know what to do with all them cans I have left over....and I have about 200 of them every month. :)<br><br>I can have 3 or 4 of these in every room....then maybe I can make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ off of these....coarse you'll get your cut for being the designer/engineer. :P
hey cool idea!&nbsp;but a couple of suggestions if I may :)<br /> <br /> Why not use a coke can as the bottom is already depressed so could hold more of the essential oil / transport medium fluids...<br /> <br /> Sand off the paint, remove the top, add the slits for air circulation. Making it quite short for stability (only has to be as high as the flame + a bit more)<br /> <br /> nice idea though!!&nbsp;I&nbsp;shall be tinkering around with some ideas this next weekend!&nbsp;:)<br />
ever tried cutting a coca-cola can?? soda pop cans are too thin, &amp; therefor wear out too fast....<br><br>plus, a fruit or vegetable can is thicker &amp; more fire resistant(will not warp as fast as a coke can will IF the veggie can will even warp at all....
I've been using the same penny stove made out of a coke can for months doesn't wear out or warp. but it is hard to cut without mangling it. check out the pinny stove instructables they found a good way to cut it straight all the way around.
my soda cans must have been made of steel then...every one I tried, would either melt into a puddle of mush, get soft &amp; collapse, or something...that's why I have always used veggie cans....or pieces of steel pipe...THICK pieces of steel pipe...
shshshshsh....<br><br>He/she is trying to cover his/her 6(CTA)... 8)
Love this idea! I needed a cheap, quick aromatherapy solution and already had nice scented oil, so I gave this a shot. I considered Freke81's soda can idea but decided I didn't want to have to sand it to make it look decent. I used an 8 oz tomato sauce can and it worked great. It took mere minutes and now my room is smelling great and I am relaxed. Thanks!
Nice work - simple but effective. Without needing to dilute the oil, you get an immediate effect, and the trend in the 'homemade' look allows for a little funky decoration... I've seen similar products actually in homewares stores, with little refinements, but basically the same idea - and minimalist appeal is still so big these days in home decor.
You are a true poet " Caution: Hot things are hot, be careful."

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