Introduction: Hard Drive Money Clip

Picture of Hard Drive Money Clip

doing this takes a bout 5 minutes to complete if you already have a hard drive deconstructed if not, it might take a little longer.
also if you are looking for a way to keep sensitive information out of someones hands this will do just great.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
most people have these at home so its easy to do
  1. hammer
  2. screwdriver
  3. pliers
  4. hard drive or hard drive disk
  5. sander or sandpaper
  6. something to work on in my case it was a stump


Picture of BREAK THE DISC!!!

at this point i folded the disc in half and bent it back and forth till it broke, than did the same with one of the halves

Step 3: BEND IT!

Picture of BEND IT!

bend the quarter of the disc you chose in half over the screwdriver  than hammered down to make it into an "R" shape

Step 4: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up

just to add a finishing touch and to make it easier to use take the pliers and bend back the corners of the clip.

last but not least run a little 100 grit sand paper over the edges and maybe some higher grit sand paper to smooth it out.
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