Picture of homemade robot
Picture 010.jpg

to make this robot you need :
2 motors
long wires
2 momentary switches
2 AA battery
2 AA battery holder
robot body

i made the body out of cardboard
follow the circuit diagram and attach the motors like the picture
NOTE : i made the wheels by putting heat shrink tubing and heating it over the motor's shaft
TheRagingEggo5 months ago

This is cool, but... What does it do?

zia78612 months ago

Very Nice .... Keep It Up....TC

horses341 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
mgm2012 (author)  DELETED_JesusGeek1 year ago
I did i made a robot a short time ago using arduino and l293d but with no LEDs :P :D
chbarrer2 years ago
congratulations!... simple but effective~!!..
targetdg152 years ago
it seems like a really cool and simple bot! Id like to see it autonomous, maybe doing some cool actions with those arms. Anyway, keep it up and keep making!!!
mgm2012 (author)  targetdg152 years ago
thank you :) i will try to upgrade it and if i do that i will post an instructable about it :D