How to convert a silverlit/airhogs xtwin into a scale model plane

Picture of how to convert a silverlit/airhogs xtwin into a scale model plane
This instructable is about converting silverlit.airhogs rc planes into scale aircraft.Before we begin you should be aware that IT WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT IN FACT NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO REBUILD YOUR ORIGINAL PLANE AFTERWARDS so please make sure you want to do this.Also,this could work on silverlit/airhogs helicopters as well,but it would be much harder to make a stable aircraft.The aircraft i made is a b25 mitchell,but you can do any type of aircraft you like(within reason).
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Step 1: Step one: choose your plane

Picture of step one: choose your plane
In the introduction i said the plane could be anything within reason.Now dont go do what i did the first time i tried this and build a big 747 or something similar because unless you really know what your doing,it simply wont work.If your doing this the first time i would recommend doing a simple,two engined propeller plane.One VERY important thing to remember is that this will be nothing like the plane you are modeling it on.Sure,it may look like a avro Lancaster,but if your building it this way it wont have the same shape at all.Do a google image search for "plans" of your plane,and if you cant find any there look on the profiles of the plane on sites such as wikipedia as they sometimes have schematics of them.
if you still cant find any try in french,but if your not fluid in the language translate it with googles translator.

Step 2: Step two:planning

Picture of step two:planning
After youve found your plane you could just print it as it is,but i usually use ms paint to enlarge it to the actual size of my aircraft.There is no fixed size for the aircraft,but a little bit bigger than the size of the original xtwin is a sensible size for the engines to handle.In your plans you MUST at least have a front and side view of around the same length.

Step 3: Step three:the materials

Picture of step three:the materials
The vital material to have is extruded polystyrene,or depron foam as it os more commonly known.I got 5 sheets of it off ebay for around £3.00 plus p&p ($4.30).The polystyrene for packing material wont work unless you've got some way to mould it (i certainly haven't).
dil2abu7 months ago
can I make a plane using rc helicopter?
watson9194 (author) 5 years ago
after the making of this instructable i experimented a bit more and this is actually a pretty bad ay to built a conversion.i would recommend sculpting it with insulation foam,then hollowing out the plane to keep it lightweight.
crapflinger6 years ago
call me thick...but i've never seen one of these airhogs/silverlits in the hell do you fly something without control surfaces? do the motors move around to turn and climb etc? or do they just fly in a straight line
watson9194 (author)  crapflinger5 years ago
it works by proportional thrust,where to go left the right motor spins faster and the left motor spins slower to push it right. its not a perfect system,but its cheap because it doesn't need any other servos or anything.some of the newer planes have a elevator on the tail to control altitude,but in practice it doesn't work well.
Also the faster you fly, the higher you go. A crude system but very effective.