yeah! first instructable
here's how to make a fingerboard
finger skateboard
5 plys

Step 1: Stuff You Need

2 big sheet of veneers(2 different kinds[ cherry, oak, maple, etc ])
wood glue
aluminum can
very strong clips or clamps
metal file

printer and paper for template

Step 2: Cut the Veneers

cut 3 veneers with the grains going vertical
2 veneers with the grains going horizontal
then cut it according to the template given

Step 3: Glue Them!

Any wood glue is ok.Just need it to go hard once it dries.So,apply them thinly and firmly on every ply.
make sure you stick them cross-plied.

Step 4: Mold It.

take the aluminum can and cut it according to the template.Make two.Bend it according to a skateboard shape.

Then,use the clips or clamps to press the veneers in the aluminum mold.You can also use two tech deck's deck to be the mold.it works better

Step 5: Before Finish

you have to file the edge where there are excess glue and pieces of wood outside.you need it to be smooth to make it look PRO!

Step 6: File It

Start with the metal file.File the edge.the glue part.
then if not satisfied with the look,use the sandpaper to make it smooth.

Step 7: Last Step

You need to drill the holes for the trucks but in this instructions,I didn't drill it because I have no drill.Sorry about that.
Then,clearcoat it all around the deck.Once it's dry,slap some griptape and stickers.You are done!

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