How to Make a Reed Switch


Introduction: How to Make a Reed Switch

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how to make a sample magnetic sensor on the cheap
materials :

1 match box

2 paper clib

2 wires

1 piece of foil


a small circuit for test 

Step 1: Make the Case

and now we will make the case out of the match box

Step 2: Add the Aluminum Foil to the Case

and now we will add the aluminum foil to the case

Step 3: Make the Other Paper Clip and Connect the Wire

connect the wire to the other paper clip

Step 4: Finish the Sensor

secure every thing in place and it is ready to test 

Step 5: Test



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    wow, I cant wait to share this with my students who are trying to figure out how to make a magnet sensor for their ROV.

    Thank q. it helped 4 my science project.

    I have tried,but after it contacted the speaker have no invoice...thanks also..

    1 reply

    you are welcome ... but what speaker

    I could see a very cool application of this design if there was a way to modify it so that one 'touch' from the magnet turned it on and another turned it off. Then you could stick a neodine (sp?) magnet on the tip of one of the dozzens of magic wand ibles around here and use it to make some real magic happen by wiring this switch into all kinds of stuff around the house and using the wand like a remote. Is there a way to interface this switch with high voltage applications like light switches?

    1 reply

    this is a very good idea and i will tr to make it and upload it

    You are welcome! Good man! Have a splendorous day!