How to Make Forging Tongs





Introduction: How to Make Forging Tongs

Step 1: Supplies

for this you will need;

1/4 in steel sheet metal
three washers
lock nut (or a regular)


arc welder
plasma torch
welding protection

Step 2: Make the Tongs

draw the shape of one side of tongs on the metal
draw it again

cut it out with the plasma torch

(due to the fact I don't want to kill my camera, there are no pictures of welding or cutting)

grind down the sharp edges

drill holes at the pivot points

put a washer between the tongs and on both sides and screw the nut on

Step 3: Make the Grips

also cut out two small rectangles

use the grinder to put grooves in them

weld them on the tongs (make sure that when the tongs are closed the grips are flat against each other)



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Questions & Answers


what do you do when you cant afford a plasma tourch

use 1/4" flat stock and heat it in your forge to bend it the correct way

or cut out with the angle grinder

why not use the forge to make them? you know, bending metal with heat? oh, thats right, the only thing a forge is for is "i'm gonna make a sword" BTW, rivets are the way to go. the plastic 'lock' on a locknut will burn out.

Because you get halfway through with the pieces in the coals before realizing "oh S*** I don't have any tongs!"

Water-pump (or adjustable) pliers.

Or the blacksmith's secret weapon-vice-grips : )

In the mean time, your iron has burned away as you try to start up the plasma welder...

lol of course, and the vice-grips are the way to go! that is what I used when I made my tongs.

I suppose, and most unfortunately that last line is true.

because the forge sucks and i can't make anything on it.

Have you tried a brake drum forge?
you can make a simple one out of on old car wheel and some rebar...