How to Make Movie Accurate Mini Arc Reactor


Introduction: How to Make Movie Accurate Mini Arc Reactor

ok i was sitting in my room thinking if tony stark can build an arc reactor in a cave why can't i
build one in my house the end results were stunning.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

so the two stores i had low's and michael's so here is the list.
1. copper wire
2. washer a small and large
3. an L.E.D light
4. baking clay for custom parts
5. silver hammer finish spray paint
6. hot glue gun
7. silver wire optional.
8. a clear thing under the cap of a glass candle sorry don't know what its called.
your ready to go

Step 2: Making Your Custom Parts

well take your clay and form a ring than add 3 flat pieces we will call this the 3 ring this will
play a big role in the reactor bake it and once it is hard spray paint it then we have a main part.

Step 3: The Ring

okay now the semi clear ring is easy to do just take copper wire and wrap it around for 10
sectors it will take long it will seem more movie accurate if you overlap also it will take long but
you can add silver thin wire on the sides of each copper piece for just the copper
wire and 10 sectors its about 20 minutes but be patient.

Step 4: Coming Together

okay here is where it is pieced together take the big washer and place it on the
light then glue it on then take your 3 ringed pice and glue it on the middle take the washer
and glue it on the top then take your completed copper pieced semi clear ring and
glue it on .

Step 5: Completion

finished here are some pics of the final prouduct.

Step 6: Conclusion

i hope this has helped and also suggestions or any questions are always welcome.



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    I think that's a rubber "washer" from a candle lid, from his description on page 1. They put them in the lids of the jars to make an airtight seal. So just get yourself a candle and pull the washer out.


    or a picture of what the ring was attached/apart of would help.

    iron man two comes out in 2010 you can see trailers at

    Yah whats the plastic ring and where do you get it

    who knows when the new iron man movie is gonna come out? isn't it gonna be about war machine too?????

    thanks jm121 for the info and how to's. inspired me to make one what do you think of mine guys?


    Hi, I am just wondering, can you show a picture of the "Clear thing under the cap of glass candle?" Thanks!

    So simple, yet amazingly cool.Good job!

    is there a way you can be more descriptive with your instructions? i really wanna make one but i can't get your instructions... and what's the plastic ring called?

    okay which reactor tutorial should i do the one on the left is mark 1 small that you could wear to school and it gives the undershirt glow or the right big bright mark 2 that looks cool under and over to you decide wright it down on the comments please.

    Photo 2.jpg
    6 replies


    depends if your want to wear or display it

    AWESOME job but i like the one on the left more

    okay i will do the tutorial for it.

    hey go check my Instructable its called the hang glider and please LEAVE A COMMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am I only one being to literal considering this not to be an accurate arc reactor since it doesn't produce its own power? Besides that, the final product looks really nice. You should put it on a stand like Pepper did.