Picture of iPhone Window Pocket (or is it a Shorts-shaped Case)
This is the most ridiculous yet in my series of iPhone pocket mods. Now you don't even have to take your iPhone out of your pocket to write text messages, open apps, or potentially have a facetime call (although it could be blurry).

BTW, my family are officially sick of my instructables. The constant talk of views and comments has dominated dinner conversation for the last few weeks and is driving them spare.  But, as long as you good people like (or at least view and comment on) my ridiculous ideas, I feel I have a mandate to keep supplying them.

What you'll need:

1) A Window.  You'll need a piece of PVC that you can use as a window.  We have been remaking the tent on a 1970s Camplet Trailer tent so I had some offcuts.  The piece I used was 0.8mm thick but it's on the thick side.  I would probably recommend the 0.5mm stuff which you can buy by the metre at Spotlight in New Zealand (fabric/craft store) or perhaps a hardware store.  If you know of a supplier in your country, add a comment and I'll update.  

2) A sewing machine.  My wife jokes that I will do anything to avoid hand sewing!  I did manage to do this without hand sewing but perhaps it could have been neater doing some of it by hand.  However, if you are going to do it by hand, get a thimble!  The PVC is a pain to sew through, even with a machine.
Krayzi993 years ago
nice ible! i wanna do this.
tewharau (author)  Krayzi993 years ago
Cool. Do it & post a photo!
BigD1454 years ago
Someone is just asking to be mugged.
missplumeau4 years ago
Sorry, I can't resist....DO NOT SHOW THIS MOD TO ANTHONY WEINER!!!
Other than that, Nice Ible!
tewharau (author)  missplumeau4 years ago
Actually, the Anthony Weiner version has the window on the inside!
Bongmaster4 years ago
wat? i'd prefer to hide it in shame :P