recycle a used/useless book into an a functional hard case for an ipod or other mp3 player!

Step 1: Gather your tools and materials

Picture of gather your tools and materials
you need:
an old book, preferably hardcover, thick enough to accomodate your music player,
some white glue, elmers or equivalent,
something to hold the glue in (film canister)
a small brush to spread glue,
a box cutter, exacto knife, or other sharp tool
drill or drill press
small magnets (2)
small piece of steel (must be thin and magnetic)
straight edge or ruler
spray paint (optional)
masking tape (optional)
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BLR_RAVI11 months ago
very nice...this can be used to keep any thing safe...
HMice3 years ago
Cool. Could you line the inside with tape or something?
vruiz34 years ago
should have made ipod book deck with headphone jack to make it look like youre reading during class
wow thats a really good idea wish i thought of that
it takes some wiring and i have a prototype circut.not made it real life though.havent tested it out yet
judoca4 years ago
muito bom, aqui no Brasil é bom pra esconder dos bandidos!
kslatin4 years ago
what should I do if it doesn't fit... I have spent hours scraping the sides away with an exacto knife t000o try to make it wider but that's not really working too well. WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?! thanks.
hivoltage (author)  kslatin4 years ago
if you have a sharp blade you should be able to just slice into the book and widen the hole. an  exacto knife may not be sturdy enough for this, try a utility knife/box cutter or one of those snap off blade type razors.
I have tried that but the knife keeps slipping into the center of the book
HAL 90008 years ago
Finally! a creative use for all those free Bibles and such people are always throwing around!! Great instructable, im going to start making one right away!
bwool1 HAL 90004 years ago
Don't use a bible. It is disrespectful and a religious person might get angry at you. If you need a book, use an old novel or something. Good instructable by the way.
It's disrespectful to throw your holy book around like toilet paper and dump it on countless people who couldn't care less about it. More so than making an mp3 player holder out of it.

The only way this is not a travesty is to make it out of something disposable like a bible, a decent hardback novel or dare I say it a vintage classic would be wrong in so many ways.
zombiet4cos7 years ago
*yawn* boring
hivoltage (author)  zombiet4cos7 years ago
pfffffft. I thought it was cool.
It is. Don't worry, there are some people that appreciate this Instructable.
paperclip324 years ago
I've been making a couple of these for friends,and I've found a few pointers.
1)If you're using water based glue,press it down with more books.
2)Dull blades cause the page to rip.
3)Ripping out the pages can also tear the page where you don't want it torn,causing a hole in the side of your book.
4)Boxcutters are neater,dremels are faster.
5)Lining the sides and inside with hobby putty lets you sand them until smooth.
Just some pointers.
xadevox6 years ago
I just used the dremel rotary tool.
jaytotharrr8 years ago
when i am cutting i could only cut a few pages at once and if i put more pressure the pages would rip. any advice?
I had the same problem the other night when I was working on this
I just pressed my book to the workbench with clamps and kept on cutting, I bet I did about 64 cuts until the whole square was cut out. I cut all four sides a few times and then ripped out about 10-15 pages and the repeated that until my hole was all the way through the book.
Chances are that your blade is dull. I know from personal experience that X-acto blades and most other razor blades dull very quickly (although most people insist upon using them long after they've lost a good working edge). I recommend a new #11 X-acto blade. I was able to cut through 150 pages (for a 5th gen. iPod 80G) without the blade dulling, so you should be able to make due with just one.
captainjohn7 years ago
THANK YOU!!! I have to annotate a book over the summer and now instead of a door stop I can do this! Danke Sehr!
Dan Rathers9 years ago
MIne isn't as impressive, uber ghetto too. I had to make it into a hard cover because it was a paper back.
please dont tell me that you're actually dan rathers. i can't see dan rathers with an ipod
or saying "uber ghetto"
ARIrish7 years ago
I like the use of magnets...a friend of mine is doing some sort of art project involving a cut-out book, and I'm going to direct her here for a couple tips.
dkfa7 years ago
isnt this bad if the magnets affect the MP3 player??? I meen...like its so close to the player.
Darkeru7 years ago
Awesome instructable man, I just made this for my ipod touch and its so cool.
Dr.Paj Darkeru7 years ago
Wow it looks like you put a large coating of glue in there.
hivoltage (author)  Darkeru7 years ago
Oh nice. i upgraded to an Itouch a month or two ago and have been looking for a suitable book to build a new case in. i gave my old one to my sister and is still holding up well. i want to get a smallish book since the ipod is thin and i dont have any the right size. i always feel kind of bad buying a book at a used bookstore just because its the right size to cut up later lol.
hivoltage (author)  hivoltage7 years ago
Nice jailbroken ipod btw. thats like the first thing i did with mine when i got it too.
Dr.Paj7 years ago
Here's my book box, I'm going to add a bookmark where the iPod is so i can hide its earbud hole in the top. By the way I used one of my least favorite books, A Tale of Two Cities. I used to have a second generation shuffle but I accidentally put it through the wash and dryer, hey at least its clean. So I carved out a divider and made enough room for earphones. Enjoy
ohbejoyful7 years ago
Wow, I have 6 niephews ranging in age from 5 to 11. I think they'd each love one of these for Christmas - a little hidey place for treasures and secret things.
zjgz8 years ago
i did almost the same exact thing with the same exact mp3 player and a book that looks almost like that, but i cut a small hole into about 5 pages before the mp3 player so i could watch movies in class :P
iman9 years ago
i made a book kinda like that
HAL 9000 iman8 years ago
I just got an external hard drive, I think im going to try that. It looks sharp, and there are always very cheap books at any used bookstore. Are you going to make an Instructable on it? that would be great.
hivoltage (author)  iman9 years ago
awesome. my original plan involved something like that. i was going to cut out all the pages from a book and put in a wood piece like that. i just figured it would be easier to use the pages already in the book.
so your glueing the sides of the book? the sides of my book are all made to look likeits an old book.
hivoltage (author)  rubikscube1258 years ago
that shouldnt really matter. the glue kinda soaks in instead of staying on the outside. thats why its mixed with a little water.
kk thanks
hivoltage (author) 8 years ago
yeah i saw they published this in there some time after i put this instructable online. there were other versions of this floating around before i made this, so i'm sure they didn't get the idea from here....
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