Picture of kermit the frog clone

Some days ago SHIFT! asked me if I can post a Kermit tutorial

Sooooo, here it is


It is not the perfect replica but it resembles in some  manner

So I called this a Kermit clone

Searching online I found out that there is a muppet comics out there
never knew that  :P


Experiment with this instructable and do some tweaks and you will be there

You can also ask some advices from    puppets and


 Materials needed for your puppet




Fleece    I recommend you buy a good quality one because if the fabric is to thin the seams will show

Eyes  I was looking for a small plastic bal to cut in two ,you can find them at corners in machines similar to gum drop machines , but of course I did not find this and I made them from polystyrene

Hot glue sticks

Contact cement

Craft rubber

Some aluminium wire

Craft paper




Tools :


Cutter knife


Brush for the contact cement or a stick


Marker pen

Sewing machine

Hot glue gun

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Step 1: Cut and glue

Picture of cut and glue

Make your stencils on craft paper(it is cheap and you can afford to do mistakes)

Take the stencil for the head

Mark and cut two pieces from the sponge you have(it is a good idea to use a thinner one than the one I had ,because when the sponge is too thick it is a little difficult to work with the puppet in the end)but you can also use what you find around the house

 Glue the pieces using contact cement

Step 2: Cut fabric and stitch

Picture of cut fabric and stitch
Take a piece of fleece fold it in two,
Mark it using the same stencil as for the head
Stitch first around the head (no 1 in picture)
Then stitch the upper segment (no2)
Cover the sponge with the fleece and then…
Good job. but a tip for the mouth... you shouldn't put the little grooves at the side of the mouth... that's what I've found out at least. But really good job otherwise! Oh, if you want to see pictures of the Kermit that my sister made last year, check out this blog:
Jokeowarp2 years ago
Good Job, how much of each material do you need though?
SHIFT!3 years ago
Wow great job! Thanks for sharing this step by step, always wanted to build one!

Kermit The Frog replicas do take a lot of practice to make and tons of trial and error to make. I've been on several Muppet forums and a lot of prop replica builders are very secretive about sharing plans, which is disappointing.
i made one myself and im about to post an instructable
CaptainTal2 years ago
thants really good i made one myself not based of of your tutorial
h1web3 years ago
How did the frog head take on the 3D shape exactly? I'm just not seeing it
ElvenChild3 years ago
Oh My Gosh It's Kermit!!!!!!!
SHIFT!3 years ago
Could you please post a video of him being puppeteered? It would truly be Muppetational to see him alive!
Kiteman3 years ago
It would be very cool if you could scan your templates and add them as scaled PDF files...
tody (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
i will do so next week
kgeffe3 years ago
Great job. Ping pong balls cut in half are what Henson originally used for Kermit's eyes.
jstubbs13 years ago
That looks great! My first thought on how to improve your replica drastically is by using ping pong balls for eyes. That's how Henson did it, and it usually gives a very nice sharp feel.
smurrell3 years ago
He is fantastic im just going to have to give it a go at making this my kids will love it!.....Ok I will love it more. Are there any other muppets to make too pwitty pweeze!
But well done hes super ;-)
the_kcar3 years ago
The original Kermit was made from a discarded-but-salvaged ladies' coat and the eyes were made from a ping pong ball. Henson surrounded himself in creative people, but refused to take credit - even when and where it was warranted.

Muppet [mannequin-puppets] makers always preferred to keep most of their design creations close to the chest, but Henson actively tried to create workshops to teach the next carry the torch, but pass the flame along.

Another note: the muppets oftentimes required not just one person to operate/animate, but sometimes two or three people to coordinate a single muppet's movements.

The original Kermit wasn't a frog, but rather it was later upgraded/morphed into being Kermit at a later point in time.

Sorry for the comment overload. Much Props for the 'ible.
TheMattMan3 years ago
Very cool. You should try fishing bobbers for the eyes. I've seen them used with some success in puppet building.
copilarim3 years ago
Oh!!! Hi Kermit:D It's so nice to see you here;)
caitlinsdad3 years ago
Ummm, did someone eat the frog's legs?
Well, the actual Kermit The Frog puppet didn't really have legs, since his lower half was basically a giant sleeve for the Muppeteers. Only the promotional full body Photo Muppet Kermit had legs.
It's not easy being green.
tinker2343 years ago
wow be funny to do a talking one that lives
tody (author)  tinker2343 years ago
yes ,but i hope i will not develop that Geppeto complex :D