Lampshade for Energy Saving Lamp, From Recycled Water Bottles





Introduction: Lampshade for Energy Saving Lamp, From Recycled Water Bottles

This Instructable will show you how to craft lampshade for energy saving lamp ,from used Water Bottles.

Step 1: What We Will Need.

Empty water bottles(many coloured) ,2l clear bottle, scissors,blade,adhesive

Step 2:

Step 3:

Cut the top and bottom part of the 2l clear bottle.

Step 4:

Adhesive, stick (tip) tape (many coloured) around middle part of the 2l clear bottle.

Step 5: Finished!


Make luster,stand lamp,table lamp!!!

Good luck!



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    and it wont melt

    o0hhh...thats neat and nice

      Hmmm... I just finished making mine... sort of. I cut and decorated my bottles with twine, thread, and beads I already had around the house. I took apart an old ugly lamp and was going to use its cord and light, but it's not fitting or looking right. We only have ugly yellow bulbs and so I'm not sure what to put inside of them or how to attach the lights inside as mine will be hanging on the wall, not the ceiling. I cut mine too much and the light wouldn't sit in place. So now my bottles have the same amount of opening on each side.

     Anyways, great instructable! Mine might have been a failed attempt, but it was fun and I guess I can use the bottles I made for something else. Thanks. :)

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    Jack Su

    Super creation, great work, fabulous concept, well done ;)

    Cool! and it looks prettty nice too! I wouldn't mind doing this project one day, when i have lights to worry about.

    Very nice looking! I take it you're using the with a CF bulb or the like? You say 'energy saving' but not the type. I would think it would be best to avoid this though on an incandescent bulb as they get too hot.

    2 replies

    Ah. Yeah I'm quiet sure it'd stay plenty cool with that. Good project!


    as soon as I saw this i thought it would be a good contestent for the bottle contest and your signed for it good thinking

    I agree with =Smart=! its very nice. you cant even tell that is was a water bottle

    Wow nice, Very artsy !

    WoW!! That's neat! I love how everone is drawing from the other entries. Great team work!!