A camera with which you can see the back

Step 1: Material

material you  will need
-logitech webcam

Step 2: Step 2

remove the camera from its stand

Step 3: Step 3

Open the Camera

Step 4: Step 4

Remove the stand holder

Step 5: Step 5

put the cable into the opening of the stand holder

Step 6: Step 6

Close the camera

Step 7: Step 7

Put the camera into the socks

Step 8: Step 8

sew the socks near the camera

Step 9: Step 9

cut the socks near the stiches

Step 10: Step 10

free the lens of the textile

Step 11: Step 11

cut a hole in the cap

Step 12: Step 12

put the cable into the hole and stich the cam at the cap

Step 13: Step 13

Now you just need something you can connect to the camera
and your "look backward" camera is ready

man I know there's a be nice policy but how can you be nice about this?<br /> Totally second what shadow ops says, misspelled title, no capital letters, steps like &quot;free the lens of the textile&quot;. What on earth does that mean? Oh no, my lens has been captured, I must slay the evil textile overlord and free the lens. OK so you probably mean cut it away so the lens can look through a hole. How? Scissors? A knife?? how do I avoid scratching the lens in the process? What stops the sock from fraying once I've cut it like this?<br /> I guess on the being nice front, its broken down into bite size chunks and that is handy.<br /> <br /> So great now I have a beeny with a webcam mounted on it backwards. Fantastic, I can't wait to use this in all those situations where I'm cold, need to see behind me, have a laptop or similar display screen right in front of me and yet for some reason can't turn my head around, or use a mirror.<br /> Thanks very much berlin<br />
Ehh, it doesn't look like English is his first language, and the fact I can't speak anything but English already puts him way ahead of me.&nbsp; Unlike most youthful internet posters who vote for Obama and crazed liberal policies, Mr.&nbsp;Berlin didn't cost me a cent with his post.&nbsp; At worst, his posting was simply uninformative.&nbsp; However, if you like to troll, and I suspect you do, you can join lots of forums where it's more expected than Instructables.
&quot;Crazed liberal policies&quot;?<br />
Dead on - I was asking myself the same thing - When would I ever use this?&nbsp; There is such a thing as being nice AND being realistic... and you've done both... so don't worry.<br />
How can this be featured when the title is spelled wrong, and it doesn't even have capital letters? Mind you, it does have good quality pictures...<br />
This is exactly what I think... HOW!?<br />
I thought the same thing, i saw &quot;backwars&quot; and thought WOW<br />
&nbsp;can i have your sock scraps?
someone should figure a way to fit this onto a bike helmet.
Cool, but you should fix that title.<br />

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