I see a I've been seeing a lot of tutorials of buster swords but they all require wood and i do not want to make one with wood so i thought of layering up cardboard to make one

Step 1: Materials

 for this easy and cheap build you will need 

-about a foot of pvc piping or any handle of your choice that you can cut
-mask en tape
-hot glue
-yarn or string (optional)

-something to cut your handle with
-hot glue gun

lol im trying to make a buster sword too. only problem is.... mine gonna be real!! any designs you can send me?
I almost forgot to say this. Try painting the blade with a metallic color, the bottom part between the blade and handle gold, and painting the handle red? Also consider placing a unused knob on the handle and just paint it gold. It will look more realistic that way.
I honestly think it's a great tutorial and it really makes a lot of sense, but don't you think it will be better to add two styrophonec balls painted green on the materia slots to make it look like your buster sword is the real deal?
Good Instructable, but do you have any pics of the actual sword? Did you have a chance to make one of your own? Thanks.
awesome instructable but you should add that you should cut and glue cardboard to the bottom to keep it together for extra durability and to also glue two pieces of cardboard to the lower part of the blade and paint that gold to make it look more realistic

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