Micro Rechargeable Flashlight





Introduction: Micro Rechargeable Flashlight

A simple rechargeable flashlight

How to make:

1. Take an LED and connect a switch to its positive side.
2. Connect the switch's other side to the positive of the super-capacitor
3. Connect the LED's negative to the positive end of the super-capacitor
4. Hot glue the  connections of the super-capacitor
5. Add more wire to the super-capacitor and fold it up the sides.

1. Make foil contacts (link).
2. Make pads curve and glue them to cardboard so the flashlight fits into them.
3. Apply power from wall wart.

Digital copy: https://www.instructables.com/file/FW82JWCG825HXY4/
Note: Open the digital copy with Fritzing (http://fritzing.org/).



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Your explanation for construction is incorrect. You say to connect the negative end of the led to the positive end of the super capacitor, but you also say to connect the positive end of the super capacitor to the positive end of the led(through the switch). This would never word.

The smallest LED I have been able to find is the type that back lights a cell phone face, they are smaller than a pin head, I tried making the "worlds smallest flashlight" about a year ago and got sick of the leds getting lost and the terrible problems trying to solder them.

The 5 mm led is in a home made head frim a knurled fastner, the lens is from an LSU

mini leds 001.JPG

I find the idea interesting but a few questions...

with what do you charge the capacitor?

how long should it be charged?

how long does the light last?


short and simple... anyone needing a schematic needs to skip anything this complex.

and they wonder why I haven't posted any more instructables lately...

I can't help but agree with this. An instructable "instructs", it doesn't just "show".

However, if you would additionally post instructions, this would be very interesting to read! :)

I'm going to keep an eye out for your next article on this - it looks interesting so it'll be good to see the details. 

I just posted a digital copy.

you did a great job im sorry to see that so many people are being jerks