Moleskine Notebook Mods





Introduction: Moleskine Notebook Mods

three little mods to make your moleskine, or any notebook for that matter, a little more functional.

See also:
for more detail on making the pencil holder

Step 1: Pencil Holder:

Using black masking tape you can build on a pencil/pen holder. Firstly wrap the pencil in tape.. sticky side out. Stick this on to the end of the notebook and then tape the pencil to the notebook

Step 2: Tag Your Pages With Postit Notes.

Using a good pair of scissors cut the sticky part of the postits off. Bung them in the folder at the back, when you need to mark a new section of your notebook just fold it over a page and write a tag.

Step 3: Pencil Sharpener.

Two pieces of sandpaper, couse for wood, fine to sharpen the lead to a nice point. Sticky back tape the sandpaper to the back of your notebook



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-what if you incorporated the sharpener into the holder?

pencil extender has a tiny little sharpener at the top. Not the perfect sharpener, but it does work (also at only sharpening the graphite tip, just like you would with sanding paper)! I must admit, I don't like the pencil extender itself, because I don't like the grip that this one has and it's just too top heavy for me, but the little sharpener is cool!

So, this sharpener would be PERFECT to insert at the bottom of the holder, so you sharpen pencils in that end! It's round shape would fit perfectly, I'm sure, and be easy to keep in place there!

Until I read this I had never even been aware of pencil extenders, so thanks for this. Haven't found the sharpener version, but from your description I imagine I can make my own.



that would be cool indeed. I need to update the process of how the holder is built. It's bearly half a mil thick, no sharper is going to be that small. I've often wondered why molskine inc dont include something like this, but the whole implementation falls apart when you've got to consider all the shapes and sizes of both pens and pencils on the market. Good idea though, I'll give it some thought. But, sticky backed sandpaper does work really well, just blow off the waste or you'll have pencil droppings over everything - pauric

I know this is five years too late, but I found this very interesting thread while looking for ways to hack my nice shiny new 2010 Moleskine calendar to make it even more efficient, so maybe some other archaeologists from the future will see it too :). 

Re the comment about not finding a sharpener small enough to attach to a Moleskine, you might try the makeup counter. Sephora, for instance, makes a nifty little two-dollar sharpener (at the time of this writing, at least) called an "in-cap sharpener" that you both use and store by slipping it on your eye or lip pencil. I'm sure it would fit a regular pencil, and I'm also sure it wouldn't be too hard to find a regular pencil of the right diameter (eye and lip pencils are a bit narrower than regular writing pencils, but one can find pencils with narrower profiles, they are sometimes attached to small gift items like memo pads or address books, or perhaps in art supply stores).

If Sephora stops making these (they are currently labeled a "Limited Edition" item), many cosmetic companies make their eyebrow pencils "self-sharpening," which is often accomplished by way of concealing a sharpener in the pencil's cap. Not always, sometimes the sharpening mechanism is in the pencil, so you need to check, but they're out there.

So there's a real simple hack and I can't believe I had something useful to contribute within a minute of visiting this site. I'm not very creative so this might be my first and last good idea, but there it is. I only hope someday someone else may come along and find it useful, even though it lags so long behind the rest of the thread.

Happy DIY, everyone.


Thanks for the great comment!
 I'll definitely take a look at those sharpeners next time I'm dragged to a sephora shop.
As if this thread was 5 years ago? Time flies...

Just wanted to add a comment re. make-up pencil sharpeners. They usually don't work as nicely for graphite pencils, as they're different at the bottom, because the "lead" in the make-up pencils is very soft. They have a large "void" at the bottom to let the soft, thick shavings get out. That's why us gals have separate sharpeners for pencils and for make-up pencils, as they're different and one does not work well for the other purpose... Remember before the make-up sharpeners came, we had to use a knife on those, as a regular sharpener would break the tip while trying to sharpen it. The knife seems sharper on regular sharpeners too, tried using one since that was the only one I had brought on a trip once, but it just did not work well on a pencil.

Really late as well, but I was on the Moleskine website after reading this, and I found these clip-on pens/pencils they sell now, so here's the link:


I often used moleskins, the original french ones before the company closed, and once made a pencil holder sewing a piece of black elastic band to the rear cover: that worked for nearly all sizes and kind of pencil, though sometimes not as fast as a rigid one to fork the pen in and out of it.

note to self: look at using a lycra holder to allow for different sized writing instruments.