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radiorental (author) 10 years ago
Test: hello world, hello me
Hello! -we haven't seen you for ages! come out from your rock! =)
radiorental (author)  ll.138 years ago
er.. Hello! I've been busy with lots of cool projects but havent really been motivated to document them. you noticed my absence.. er.. why? I'm not a prolific maker I dont think. Where in Scotland you from? I got my degree in electronic engineer from U of Dundee
awesome! I'm headed for Scotland tomorrow.

I'm looking for some advice on design & manufacturing this: http://starbur.st/fuzzylogic

would you be up for a chat sometime?
radiorental (author)  stasterisk7 years ago
Oh, hello Star, I just noticed your question today. Apologies. Do contact me here: pauric@pauric.net regards /pauric
Cool! your Instructables are all so good though! and you've been here since 2005 ;)

-Just a little bit north of Dundee. =)