here is my really cool sound system

sadly, i don't have this anyore
i have a kenwood amp with two big speakers and the two big sony speakers on the bottom

you dont know jack sh** about speaker impedance there is a way to get 30 speakers to be at 8 ohms or 4 or 16
well thats nice
and it will not blow your amplifier
And what are you using to power these?
in the second pic, i was using the amp on the 2nd shelf <br>and in the first pic i was using a small amp and the power light was dimming and sometimes it cut out
i will soon post a pic of the old amp
havn't bean bothered, so probably never!!!!!
Hei i wanna attach many big speakers of different companies, however i m no good in electronics hence i have no idea what is watt and voltage and how to attach different kinds of speakers. Is it possible if you can help me.
wire them up in a series circut so you will get more volume
I think you mean parallel. If you connect too many speakers in parallel, the load impedance will go down too low and you could risk blowing up the amp
this way is the best
different companies doesn't matter only how many you have because it will draw too much power that the sound will cut out some times
i just twisted the wires together so it only seemed like there were two cables and pluged them in. in a parralell circut
you spelt dude rong
you spelt rong wrong
i nkow
in the big box there is actually 30 speakers and on the amp there is 1(little sliver).
yeh, yeh, yeh what ever
the second pic is bad, ot is all blurry and who is the little girl in it?
hardy ha ha haaughhghgh bleugh, prprrprprprpp, spew, projectile vomit, bleugh, that's my brother
on the second pic there is 30 speakers <br>

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